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So... BronyCon (among other things) · 12:11am Jul 31st, 2019

I bet you weren't expecting a blog post from me! If you're reading this at all, congrats on spending time reading something from someone who hasn't posted here in well around a year. You gain nothing except maybe a friendship point or two from me, but I digress. This is just a little update thing from me, mostly in regards to the title, but also other things, because once I started writing, I couldn't stop, and I didn't want to just erase any of it. And eh, I don't know, maybe writing this out will clear my head a smidgen. So I'd ask you to forgive me for this ramble, but I do not apologize.

Over a year since graduating college, I've only recently had a change in pace of things. Aside from a week or so away from the monotony of a food service job, it's been the same and as such that's probably why I don't write as much as I used to. Well, I write, but a) not much b) never to completion and c) it's fiction that will probably never see the light of day hah. Still, both the busyness of a energy-absorbing job and the dullness of being in that rut sort of sucks away any sort of brain juice for writing. Even if I was watching the show actively, I'd likely still have this as an excuse as to why I don't update fanfics, for example. And there have been days where being trapped in that rut sort of gave me this empty feeling of not doing anything, and stuff like playing video games just didn't fix that for me. Like, god I want to write and put it out there! But it's hard and complicated when you get home and just feel tired and don't want to do anything, and the only way you got some stuff out sometimes was when your roommate kept pushing you to write (she has no idea I write MLP fanfics and she will never know)?

But as of recent, I've been accepted a new job that not only will pay better, but does not require from me endless hours of being on my feet and having me move around every second of those hours. I'll be doing something different with my life, something better, so perhaps that alone will bring back a spark lost when I got trapped into the hell that is being an adult with a full-time job that makes me feel miserable several times a week. The lesson here, children, is that being an adult sucks but please for the love of god, keep sticking to what you love to do in your spare time. Don't lose that spark or else that endless rut will feel even deeper and darker than it usually is. Keep writing, keep drawing, and put it out there!!

So I don't know what the whole point of this ramble was. If I ever wrote for MLP again, well, I realize it's a little too late considering the show's almost at its end. But that's fine. Fanfictions are forever, and I can write all the shippy fanfics I want and nothing can stop me mwaahahaha. But yeah, there's that. And speaking of ponies and fan stuff, there's another thing:


This gal is going and I couldn't be more delighted. My excitement is through the roof. It's going to not only be her first and final Bronycon excursion, but it'll be her first convention ever period. So needless to say, I'm a little nervous. But I am going to be around some of the greatest people I've ever met who I have known for years but most of them I've never actually met in person. So please, if you are one of those people, know that the second I see you I will either a) hug you b) kick you in the dick) or c) both at once. Be prepared. I do this because I love you.

If you see someone with the badge named Missy (or Missytheangle I forget) please by all means swerve my way and say hey. I'm pretty chillax and easy to talk to, and it'll be wonderful to meet new people, honestly. All I ask is one thing: don't be creepy please. Listen, I'm only a 6/10 on the attractive scale, but I will start fights with these small hands with anyone's who's a little too friendly, you know? We all just want to have a fantastic time at the last Bronycon, so let's make it easy for each other, simply say hello and let's be pals.

If you're around Baltimore, I'll be seeing you around! :)

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Comments ( 13 )

Woohoo! Look forward to meeting you! :twilightsmile:

Awesome! It’d be great to get you, me, and 5096839 together for a Ponest Dungeon group shot! :derpytongue2:


Fantastic! I look forward to it! :D

We'll have to go investigate a train wreck or something

Well, then we just have to look at my entire existence AYO!!

Hopefully I can see ya there!!

I know you don't know me all that well but please don't kick me... there.

I promise you will be spared of any lethal kicks. Only hugs abound! Be prepared!

:derpytongue2: I do like hugs hehe

hooray! +1 friendship point.

I look forward to meeting you

Yay! I can't wait for this weekend! :pinkiehappy:

I'm not going but I just wanna say, you is beautiful. 20/10 at LEAST.

You is smart, you is kind, you is important!

And I TOTALLY feel you. I love my job but I feel like lately all I wanna do is laze around and throw all my hobbies out the window. I haven't even played video games consistently and I haven't even had my Switch a year yet! Poor Switch! My Pikachu needs me! But even that feels like brain work. So I just Netflix instead or something.

Pft, you're too kind, Tater! I don't deserve you. :derpytongue2:

But hey, if it helps, BronyCon gave me a sort of adrenaline rush with regards to my writing energy. So honestly, a little change in the routine helps big time. Whether it's a big event or just something different, I'll have you know I may or may not have written 2k words on the ride back home. Like I hadn't really lost interest in the fandom for the past few yeares. It may be pony related and it may be fluttercord related, but who's to say??

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