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    So, to overwhelmingly greater demand than I expected (i.e. any,) I am delving into the official Friendship is Magic novels. There are a staggeringly high number of them, along with journals, mysteries, handbooks (hoofbooks?) and more. I have a newfound respect for G. M. Berrow in terms of her sheer output. In any case, let’s see what the very first one has to offer.

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    This one’s a bit unusual. It comes as a request from SirNotAppearingInThisFic (and yes, I do plan on doing the official chapter books, including one next week.) I didn’t really know what I was getting into when he suggested, but having taken a look, this does work.

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    Friendship is Card Games: Rainbow Dash Presents: Bubbles

    The Mentally Advanced Series can be thought of as the Pepsi to Friendship is Witchcraft’s Coke; same concept, different execution, each with their supporters. I personally prefer FiW; MAS gets unpalatably cruel over time, especially once it’s no longer shackled to FiM’s visuals. But there is one offshoot, the Schweppes ginger ale of this analogy, where my tastes shift.

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    Friendship is Card Games: Five Temples and a Wedding

    The centennial issue marks the penultimate entry for the IDW main line. Issue #102, coming out next month, will close out Season 10 and the line as a whole. For now, let’s see how the end begins.

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Cards of the Herd 2: Flashback · 10:54am Jun 27th, 2019

A bit of background: Last year, Wizards put out a six-card Horse cycle (that is, one horse card in every color, along with a colorless artifact.) Naturally, I came up with silly little flashfics to go along with each.

This year, instead of Mares, we got Cavaliers. Naturally, I’m going to apply the same principles.

As they approached their army, Celestia whispered, “Are you as embarrassed as I am?”
“More so,” answered Celestia. “You’re not wearing the saddle.”

Gilda smirked at the gasping creature clinging to her back. “What’s the matter, dweeb? I thought you liked speed.”
Rainbow spat a few more times and wiped her mouth. “The speed’s fine. It’s the bugs in my mouth I don’t like.”
“Though a monkey like you would appreciate an in-flight meal.”

“Be honest with yourself, counterpart,” said Luna, her legs moving without thought. “Are we doing this simply because our sisters are?”
Luna scratched her behind an ear. “No, we’re doing this because you’ve had literally one vacation and Tia ruined it.”
“How did you—?”
“I told her there was no such thing as a foolproof slot machine strategy, but did she listen?”

The girl flinched, but the flaming mane and tail emitted only a sensual heat that fogged her mind as much as her glasses. “Don’t you know, Mistress?” the mare said huskily. “Rapidashes can’t burn the ones we tru
“Hey, Fluttershy!”
Fluttershy slammed the laptop closed. “I wan’t writing Capsumon fan fiction!”
Twilight and Sunset shared a confused look. “Uh, okay.”

“On second thought,” one Scootaloo said to the other, “maybe the scooter wagon train through the Everfree wasn’t such a good idea.”

“This all really necessary?” Applejack said from somewhere in the glittering get-up.
“Darling, I’ve wanted a knight in shining armor for most of my life. At least let me make the armor.”

Comments ( 10 )

Cavalier of Flame's was so unlike the others! Nice! :rainbowlaugh:

Diamond Knight's is less funny, but still funny! Nice! :raritywink:

Good kind of silliness. My favorite is probably not-a-steamy-fanfic-writer-honestly Fluttershy. :fluttershysad:

Applejack and Rarity always seem to end up in a similar situation. Sisters, saving the world, being together... Fashion? They do have their own solutions though.

The Knight and Fluttershy were also my favorites.

5080499 5080551 5080556
At this rate, I might just have to expand fanfic author Fluttershipper into something bigger.

Excellent choice for Thorns. Though they might need to add "tree sap, and pine needles" to the title.

The rest of these were pretty hilarious, too, though I kinda wonder how they ended up in the same universe in different forms.

What is Capsumon? I thought it would have something to do with Pokemon, but when I Googled it I got some varying results.

It's just a bland name product version of Pokemon. Pokemon's working title was capsule monsters, so the name comes from that.

Shenanigans. If you'd like something more specific, Oversaturated Ditzy Doo's been ferrying people through probability space to help save up for college.

It is Pokémon, just after applying the Bland Name Product principle I like to use for Equestria Girls. (As for why I kept "Rapidash," I'm not going to rename every single species of collectible monster. That way lies madness.)

You, sir, are a bloody genius.

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