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Hey! Publication News. · 3:48pm Apr 23rd, 2019

Do you like Celestia? Do you like Luna? Do you like both and or neither, and you find yourself logging onto FiMFic day and night trying to find a way to acquire more Luna and Celestia content? Do you dream of alicorns wrestling in overly small rings? Have you seen the gospel of the united alicorn played out in the duality of princess? Then I have a thing for you.

The Ministry of Image is printing books! Their books are, frankly, gorgeous. They've been quietly releasing printed versions of old classics as well as a few long works I've not read yet, like Two Sides of Melody, and more importantly have been publishing Project Horizons in vast volumes. If you want Pink Eyes or PH in printed form, check them out.

They are also publishing one of mine! Not a longform story, but a novella! Lunangrad is being printed in Tales of the Moon along with Luna, Princess of Space by my loverboy Chuck and Tenebrae, by Pearple Prose which is one of his better stories, imo.

There's also a Tales of the Sun! I know I'm definitely considering picking up a hard copy of Pink Eyes. So, if this interests you and you want to get a nice pretty book from the Russian Federation with ponies on it, consider heading over to their site!

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Comments ( 5 )

A hard copy of Lunangrad would be an excellent addition to anyone's shelf.


Ahhhhhhhhh very cool. The art looks great, too.

Oh my god. Lunagrad AND Luna, Princess of Space in one book? Must have!

Thank you so much for the heads up!

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