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So, I Just Watched Season 9, Episode 3 · 2:59am Apr 14th, 2019

It was cute, if you care about my opinion, but two small details stood out to me.

1) Silverstream has literal dreams of being a Wonderbolt.
2) She loves to paint, but kind of sucks at it.

To everyone who read the Teacher and the Hippogriff, I'm not saying I called it...

...but I totally called it.

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Comments ( 4 )

Silverstream could be the most annoying wonderbolt ever. Could you see Spitfire dealing with her perkiness? Problem is that would be season 12 or 13 and we don't have that many :( As for her painting -- I have no problems at all with it. She could be the next Van Gogh of the pony world.

Guru Ocellus was kind of neat as well.

At first I thought "Rainbow Dash makes her a Wonderbolt just like that? What about ALL she had to go through for six seasons to become one herself?" Then as the sequence progressed, I realized it was a dream. It was still really cool to see Silverstream fly like Rainbow Dash (and alongside her), and adorable to see her blush for the first time.

Oh, I don't know, I thought Silverstream's art was quite talented. Very abstract, yeah, and I know that's not everybody's cup of tea, but I was looking at it in the episode and still feeling pretty impressed by it. It was very thought out and rather detailed, and trust someone who's tried, not that easy to create with paints. Sil seems to have quite a talent for it, especially if given some more direction on how to best implement that talent. Pity the show's ending after this season, I would've loved to see traits like that get explored more in the future.

But I thought all of their attempts at memorializing the tree were each very fitting to their respective personalities. Gallus as a tourist trap guide seems just too perfect, for example. :rainbowlaugh:

It is almost eerie how you managed to "call it" almost word for word on Silverstream, though. :raritystarry:


Well, my basic methodology was this: Silverstream gets unreasonably excited about mundane things which wouldn't exist in underwater society. Because, you know, she's spent her entire childhood living in an underwater city. She says as much. Twice.

So, with painting, moving fluid through fluid discretely is a tricky engineering issue, and all paints I know of adhere via drying which is kind of a non-option. With the Wonderbolts, once again, no flying. Furthermore, her entire civilization was implied to be on some kind of war footing/refugee crisis her whole life, so the idea of just having the leisure time and freedom to dedicate yourself to being able to move entirely as a form of professional performance art? That's fucking wild.

Given I was simply applying the logic that the show had made extremely explicit, it's entirely possible they just applied it in the same way I did. Or maybe they didn't and it's just a funny coincidence.

Still. I am amused.

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