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The pony processing organ in my head still has some foreign non-pony contaminants.

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Stardust · 2:37am Mar 9th, 2019

Got my hardcopy of Stardust yesterday and it's even prettier than the pictures I had seen of it. So much so that I didn't think my cellphone camera could capture just how nice it is. Did snap a picture of the embossing on the front cover, though.

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Author Interviewer

daaaang :O

What service did that go through?

I wanna know the same.


That is correct. Campaign was last year for funding, book only got finished and sent out a few weeks ago? I also got a combined extra volume of Sedna and Bon Bon Bon. Though I only wanted Sedna.

It's also got a nice wraparound dustcover with custom art on it, but I take dustcovers off when I'm reading hardback books.


Is this pony fic and did I not order one of these? If not, how do?

So IndieGoGo helped you fund it (really fund it, I mean, wow). But it’s a book. If I’m viewing this correctly, IndieGogo didn’t make the book, they just helped you get funding to make the book. I think what we’re after is who made the book, not who funded the book. So is this Avonder fellow the one making the actual print copies?

It is ponyfic, and sadly the way to order one was to have done so about a year ago through a crowdfunding campaign.

Someone in Russia did the actual work. Name on the package is Ivan Zakharov. Seems to use Nonexistent Ltd. as a company name, though no clue if it's actually a company or just a placeholder.

Turns out I did indeed order one!


Sweet! It's a beautiful book.

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