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New Story Idea (title in post) · 3:43pm Feb 21st, 2019

I just had the best idea in the world and I'm trying to postpone it at least until I finish SMT, but come on, tell me it's a bad idea and be honest about it.

The title should say it all:

CoCo's Bizzarre Adventure

...aaaand I just lost half of you. Oh well, no matter, only a true JoJo fan will appreciate it anyway (though everyone else is welcome to join).

As you can imagine, CoCo Pommel (real name: Correct Concordia; Coco or Miss Pommel for short) is our main heroine, a freshman who just entered Crystal Prep, with the goal of having a normal, low key life and a career as designer, which brings her to a fashion club. Except there's a little problem with the school.

There are ghosts!

Not just any ghosts, but weird looking ones, some are doing bizzarre things and are connected to specific people. She's only a little surprised by it, because... she had one herself for years! After she's found out by Suri Polomere, who also happens to have a ghost partner too, she finally learns the truth- these are not ghosts, but Stands. And everyone who is important in the school has a Stand of their own, though how they got it, what do they do with it, what will happen to CoCo now that they know and who is behind all this weirdness, that is a mystery to unfold.

I don't want to spoil any more but sufficed to say it's spiritually closest to part 4, with less violence and more mystery and intrigue, mostly revolving around the origin of Stands in the school.

But enough about that, you want to know about the Stands themselves! I have a few ideas, such as using Japanese Music for inspiration, because I'm a giant weeb Araki doesn't want to (unless it happens in later parts, I'm only watching anime).

I came up with a few, but I'll name two:

Coco's Stand is: PUFFY (better known in west as Puffy Amiyumi, the ones responsible for songs for Teen Titans cartoons)

A humanoid stand with the ability to turn anything it touches "soft", like a cloth, which she can bend, fold, rip and repair with sewing needle and string at will. Can be used on anything, including the user. Possible applications:
-turning a tool or weapon into a cloth that she can conceal and later "spring" at enemies like a trap (imagine a piece of cloth, like a sock, that suddenly becomes a glass bottle when you step on it)
-negate attacks by turnign the objects or yourself into a cloth
-heal wounds by turning something soft, sewing it together (painlessly), then going back and it's almost as good as new
Any JoJo fan can figure out a ton of uses for this.

Second Stand is a bit more standard fair:

Indigo Zap: AKB48 (no, really)

Anything the stand touches separates into copies of itself. The catch- there is no original and copy, all the created things are considered equal, but also much weaker than the original. It's not mathemetical half everytime, but it's significantly weaker the more there are and there can be a lot of them at once- 48 to be exact. They don't share a hivemind, but also don't fight for dominance and if one would die, it will cause a strain on the body and mind when the effect ends (thankfully it's Indigo, she can take a few hits).
But there's one more thing- there can only be 48 copies and when a new one would be made, instead they all merge back into one, which appears exactly where the last copy was supposed to be made- after merging, the final body (or object) is at full power, completely healed and stronger then before for a short time, which you can call the "Adrenaline Effect" (I'm no scientist, there's a better term for it).
Yes, there are a lot of applications for this ability, you can only imagine.

And while I have no effect for it, Sugarcoat's Stand must be named BABYMETAL.

That's all I can say without spoiling or ruining anything else.

...you're thinking of Stands for other characters now, aren't you? Go ahead, go nuts, I won't be stopping you.

Report Jetto · 401 views · Story: Magical Girl Sunny · #jojo
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That's pretty cool actually. Puffy could in theory heal lots of serious wounds assuming it's not fatal ones since I doubt it can go that far. Not even Josuke's could do that given he couldn't bring his father back.

AKB48 could easily be an army burster if used right.

Is there gonna be a healing food stand too like what Tonio has with Pearl Jam? Cause that would be very helpful for many given its potential could even cure cancer of all things if given the right ingredient to work with from what I read of the wikia for a oneshot side story.

Quick warning:
There's already a story called "Coco's Bizarre Adventure: Nothing's Kingdom" though it features ponyCoco and the plot goes into a very different direction. If I remember right her stand ability was to create cloths out of nowhere.
Now excuse me while I try to think of a stand for best shadowbolt.

Upside to it already being fanfiction, there's no risk of having to deal with copyright issues in the first place.

Unfortunately, I'm not big in music, so I can't come up with a lot of bands or song titles for possible stands.

As much as I love Pearl Jam, it was only used once and I can't help but feel disappointed by it. As to whether I will have it, not saying no, but I'd rather not tread the same ground.

Huh, the world sure is small. It's not gonna stop me, you know. The only thing that will stop me, is myself.

Stand names rarely reference their actual abilities. The skill has to be cool and be slightly (or highly) unusual. Red Hot Chilli Peppers wasn't Fire, but Electricity, so why would it stop us?

Goodness does Puffy sound like a legitimate stand idea. Both immediately useful and bizarre as heck. As a moderate JoJo fan I approve.


Do they all need to be Japanese Music references? I have only a shallow knowledge pool...

High and Mighty Color/some artistic person... >.>

The stands ability is to change somethings color, and when affected by the stand, either things that are the same color pass through each other. Can be used on themself for transport, others to make them hard or impossible to attack. Can be used to phase someone through walls or the ground, but if you touch something underground that is a touchable color you stop, naturally. Probably some limitations based on what color you can turn it into and how different colors need to be and whether or not white or black can always be touched.

I would like to say I love this concept and am excited to see where this ends up going. Keep up awesome works!

Interesting idea and concept, I’d certainly read it

Main JoJo's powers are either stupid boring but strong (Jotaro) or simple but with many possible applications (Jotaro and Giorno). I lend towards the second approach way more and PUFFY fits the bill.

Don't worry about the lack of names- if you have a Stand Power, the band name will find it. After all, Stands are drawn to each other.

As for H&MC, that's a pretty good stand, especially for a ranged fighter. "Oh, you think you can hide behind that wall? I will change the color of my throwing knives to grey and gut you like a fish!"

I’m intrigued and I’m not even a JoJo fan.

See you say that, but I’m imagining it turn someone into a mupppet and you’re able to (carefully) put all the stuffing back in... (even if they’re felted organs, still MUCH more effective than surgery)

Honesty I like the idea there already a story with that name but I love the idea of coco with a stand.

As long there are no killings of dogs, it's like a running gag that's not even remotely funny

So Tonio never uses it After Yoshikagi Kira appeared officially for his arc given it lasts the rest of the part 4 series? I know Harvest doesn't get used again after he appears due to obvious plot related reasons involving the killer which is how everyone knows he's a stand user and thus the guy they were on the lookout for.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I caught every reference.
Also, I caught every reference.


Bring it on, and I will devour it!



While I'm not really a jojo fan, I certainly won't say no to more of your Coco if you decide to write this.

Any chance you would actualy do this cause I would love this

I am considering it. But before that, SMT takes priority.

Sour Sweet: Mad World.
A target is temporarily trapped in a pocket dimension version of Crystal Prep. Supposedly there are two versions, depending on her mood when she traps someone, but since she always uses it when angry, no one has ever the "sweet" version of it.

Also, if someone could do something with Queen's Fat-Bottomed Girls...

Sounds like a villain stand, if nothing else. But I like the idea of there being two versions and nobody ever seeing the positive one.
Also, not japanese enough for me.

Wait a minute... The Teen Titans theme was done by the main characters of Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi? How did I never notice that when they were practically right next to each other in broadcasts and used a Japanese version for the really weird episodes? How is this of all places where I found out?

(Shut up, you pretty much admitted that that's how most Westerners know about them)

Also, given that Stands are derived from song titles in addition to band names... Evolving Stand: Simple and Clean, Sanctuary, (Note to self: look up what the theme for KH3 is)


Also, given that Stands are derived from song titles in addition to band names... Evolving Stand: Simple and Clean, Sanctuary, (Note to self: look up what the theme for KH3 is)

Nice. And the third part comes at the very last episode and turns out it was pretty underwhelming in power (at least that's what I heard).

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