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Comments on Rozen Maiden · 12:08am May 20th, 2019

Talk about a blast from the past. Rozen Maiden is on the list of "barely counts as Magical Girls, but I've done worse" titles that I watched way back in the day and only recently remembered when I heard that song again. Dat song tho...

So there's this kid, Jun, who is a hikkikomori (shut-in, you know what it means, my fellow weebs) who keeps buying cursed stuff in hopes of finding something that's actually not a scam. And he finally finds one- a beautiful doll named Shinku, who is totally alive except not really (Pinnoccio rule) and involves Jun in the Alice Game- a battle-royale (way before PUBG was a thing) between six (eventually seven) dolls created by Rozen, master alchemist. The last one standing was going to become Alice, a real girl (so basically a millenial version of Pinnoccio). Except we all know it's not that simple and the conflict is a lot more complicated.

If I had to describe it in a shortest way possible, I would say Rozen Maiden is "gothic AF, but not too edgelord", as evidenced by the opening song. Dat song. It's al character driven story of six (eventually seven) sisters who wish to become a human, but at what cost? Especially when just living is such a pleasant experience. Look, I'm not going to pretend I remember, understand or remember understanding how this world works, but it's okay, because it was a good watch.

The dolls are all charming and unique and each has a story to tell, which not always has a happy ending. Or middle. Or start. But some do and it's lovely. Without spoiling there were moments that had me tear up a little, in both good and bad ways. Human characters are interesting as well, especially Jun, who carries his role as the bland anime protagonist in a respectable, non-annoying way.

And I wouldn't be myself if I didn't mention best girl, because of course there is best girl. No doubts on that part:

Suiseiseki is such a nice girl, a tsundere done 101% correctly desu.

Now a confession part: I watched this show way back in the day (cause I'm old, remember?), all two seasons of it... except there's also a prequel, a new series, a manga relaunch (after abrupt, awful ending), but I didn't watch/read any of that. Some of it was because internet in dinosaur era of early 00's made it hard to look for some titles that didn't start with "N" and ended with "aruto". As for the 2013 series, I had no idea it even existed until just now and to be perfectly honest, it doesn't look very appealing (and I don't even have studio DEEN like some people do).

Oh well. There are titles that become favorites and leave long lasting impressions, and then there's Rozen Maiden- a nice series I remember fondly but have no reason to go back to. Do I recommend it? Sure, it's a good time.


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Comments ( 2 )

You made Sombra such an eminently punchable character, I can't wait for the payoff. Which has not necessarily to involve punching, although I suppose it will.

I'm quite excited for the next chapter, just to be clear:raritystarry:

Hey jetto, dont discredit it! Try watching Rozen Maiden: Zur├╝ckspulen (translate: Rewind) the OP is amazing and I love it:Watashi no Bara, Rozen Maiden OP
Please give it a chance!
I honestly can not recommend it enough!
Granted I am also currently rewatching Magi: the labyrinth of magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
So...take that as you will...
JK JK Magi is an amazing series!
Hal Harl Infigar!

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