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  • 229 weeks
    Happy New Year! and Merry Belated Winter Holiday You Celebrate!(Request Artwork Inside!)

    It's weird knowing this is the first year I don't have pony episodes to look forward too... but I digress.

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    2 comments · 591 views
  • 234 weeks
    S.P.I.K.E What's it Spell?

    Hip, Hip, Hoo-Ahh! is officially submitted and passed moderation. If Rarity and Gabby doing sexy Cheerleading for Spike sound like something you might want to read... Good News!

    2 comments · 299 views
  • 234 weeks
    New Story Being Posted Today/Tomorrow

    So, depending on your time zone depends on which of those is true, but in about 12-15 hours I'll be submitting my one shot.

    After this one-shot, I'll be continuing the next chapter of Hoard. I'm gonna try to push for a pre-new year update, but with both of my original editors MIA, as well as the likely size, I'm not sure how realistic that is.

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  • 235 weeks
    Writing on My New Story Done!

    So yeah, 11k words and 43 pages later! Now the editing can begin and then the posting.

    Editing has a way of adding another 1000 words at this size, should be fun.

    Anyways, prepare the tissues you'll be needing them! :raritywink:

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  • 236 weeks
    Update to a One-Shot

    Two weeks; I'm funny. In my defense though no one actually got the full right answer.

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I Can See Paradise by the Dashboard Light! · 3:10am Feb 12th, 2019

Paradise A new one shot Sparity anthro clop piece, wooh!

It's a little hardcore and super sexy, so enjoy! I quite enjoyed writing it.


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