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If I were to write this as a story, would you read it? · 6:20pm Jan 27th, 2019

A human saves Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker when they possess Tia & Luna and their plans backfire. As a result, both are in love with him. But then the sisters regain control and go back to their lives none the wiser. It ends up a Jekyl and Hyde style scenario, and to make things worse?
Celestia is already Married, and Luna hates him for some past faux pas.

Report Ashfur · 194 views · #Story idea
Comments ( 10 )

tbh no but thats just because i have a weird personal vendetta against human in equestria stories, otherwise the premise sounds very interesting

Celestia... Married?!

Other than that, interesting...

Well, married or has long since chosen to never fall in love.

I would read this story in all honesty and I would enjoy it because it’s a different dynamic than people have done in the past most of the time they don’t bring back nightmare moon or day breaker.

As long as it’s well written, I’d read it

Sounds like a hoot. Though I'd lose the infidelity bit, a determinedly chaste/celibate Celestia would work just as well.

I would give it a read sounds interesting.

Maybe? But come out to simplify it. That's what makes potion shop and prank war funny. . . you know, now that I think about, sure man, write that story and I'll read it!

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