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Not Dead. Just Resting My Eyes · 6:27am Jan 7th, 2019

I thought for a second that this was going to be a quick "2018 was a year, but hey at least I published—" at which point I looked and realized I published a grand total of 3 stories in 2018, two of which came into being when they did because of random writing contests. Yeesh.

Rest assured I haven't fallen off the pony wagon. Far from it, I'm tied to the back left wheel, send help I've just had a lot on my plate. To be brief, that includes:

  • BronyCon planning! Yarn and I are going to attend. We might even be on a panel, if it gets approved.
  • Writing! I know, I know, it's taking forever. I started this one back in May at EFNW, and have been fighting writers block and other responsibilities left and right to see this one through. The only definite schedule is "when it's done." I'm a couple chapters short of the conclusion, and then comes beta reading… and figuring out the cover art.
  • Prereading! A monumental story that I've had the pleasure to help with is (fingers crossed) nearly done. I've been dying to know how this one will end since it started, and you can bet you'll see a plug for it here when it does.
  • Judging contests! Well, one in particular:

The Sparity contest concluded on December 31st with a grand total of 6 entries and over 132,000 words written! The winning entry has a very unique take on Rarity, and possibly the best ever "Rarity is so fabulous that ________" jokes in existence:

TUnbalanced Scales
Though she's still reeling from the discovery that she's part dragon (on her mother's side), Rarity won't let that stop her from making life-changing decisions.
Bugsydor · 4.9k words  ·  360  9 · 4.8k views

Once you're done, I wholeheartedly recommend its prequel:

TThe Crystal and the Mirage
Rarity's Grandpa Merc has a story to tell about an ancestor of hers.
Bugsydor · 2.3k words  ·  417  4 · 5.5k views

And while we're at it, Bugsydor's other excellent foray into the affairs of dragons:

EEmber, Hoardsmelter
Garble had always seen Ember as "a little off", but now she was his dragonlord. What is Dragon society coming to? A lot more than it bargained for.
Bugsydor · 3.4k words  ·  239  2 · 2.9k views

Here's to a much more productive 2019.

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Wow. Thanks for the 3x plug combo!

I don't think you get to mope about "only" publishing three new works, though, when my update schedule is so slow that I had someone publicly lament the death of a fic that I was actively working on the next chapter of. :derpytongue2:

What you did release was a lot of fun, as usual. And that other stuff you've been doing has been pretty cool as well.

Looking forward to what you produce in the coming year!

Author Interviewer


I had someone publicly lament the death of a fic that I was actively working on the next chapter of.

Oh boy, I feel this. c.c


I had someone publicly lament the death of a fic that I was actively working on the next chapter of.

That sounds like the sort of thing that there should be a single, hefty German or Japanese word for :trixieshiftright:.

Give me a few minutes, and I may be able to make one up...

4993023 4993022
Bedächtiggeschichtefalschtotenklage, which I just slapped together, should directly translate to "slow story false death-lament (dirge)".

Author Interviewer

Ausgezeichnet! :D

Also, you’re quite welcome for the plugs! I started with the requisite contest one and didn’t see a reason to stop :pinkiehappy:. Thank you for Unbalanced Scales :heart:

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