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Fanfic Reading Halloween Special: 'Blueblood's Pets' by TheTobacconist (GRIMDARK AF) · 7:23pm October 31st

I humbly present my Halloween 2018 full cast fanfic reading special.

Prince Blueblood has an inherent love for the orchestra, but he does not care to attend the symphony. He would much rather have ... private performances. And if his pet musicians won't perform for him? Well then, that just means they need to be punished, doesn't it?

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Author Interviewer



Just how 'grimdark af' is this? c.c;

Not Cupcakes. It has, y'know, an actual plot and characterisation. YMMV on the gore level - I've done far, far worse before.

Author Interviewer

All righty then! :B

I look at the title, then my mind goes to some freaky places. I look at the thumbnail, then my mind goes to dark places. I look at the description, then my mind goes to freaky dark places. WHAT SHOULD I THINK?!

I'd love to join the Grimdark Air Force.

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