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  • 6 days
    Nica Fanart

    Hello everyone.

    PLukol draw a scene from my story and I wish to share it with all of you.

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  • 11 weeks
    Chapter 18,5/19 final improvements

    Hello everyone.

    So long story short, I finished last changes to "Little Lost Pikachu."

    In chapter 18,5 I added additional scene in the end (which I marked in bold), and I changed chapter 6 - Honor and Respect to Chapter 19.

    While changes in Pikachu vs Nica battle were minor, at the end of chapter 19 part 2 I made significant changes and also marked in bold.

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  • 11 weeks
    Chapter 8 improved. Need your voting and feedback.

    Hello everyone.

    As you already noticed, together with DJskywalker we have been trying to improve "Little Lost Pikachu" by changing some more controvertial chapters. The first change was Pikachu/Nica's talk about their believes.
    Next one was Pikachu fighting Ninetales instead.

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    Ninetales vs Pikachu, needs your voting

    Hello everyone. The massive change for "Little Lost Pikachu" that we worked on is finally here, and I need your votes to determine if it improve the story and should be added, or is it better to keep the story as it is.

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  • 15 weeks
    Improving Little Lost Pikachu, I need your feedback.

    Greetings loyal fans of this series. I wanted to inform you all that since this series is comming to an end, I decided to listen to DJSkywalker feedback and together with him fix the more controvertial and less enjoyable part of "Little Lost Pikachu" so I can close this series without any regrets.

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Sequel Candeled. "Little Lost Raichu" continue. · 9:15am Jun 12th, 2018

Greetings my faithful readers.

After some thinking and checking the feedback, I decided that the sequel "Raichu, Defender of Equestria" can't exacly stand as it's own story, nor as a sequel.

It's true that it have more dark and adventurous aproach, but in the end it feels too much like a direct continuation of events of this story rather than a sequel, so I decided to merge both stories. (I came up with a way better idea for the sequel called "Little Lost Pikachu" which will take place one week after events of this story, so removing "Raichu, Defender of Equestria" seems like the best course of action).

One of the reasons I split it into sequel was due to this story already being super long. I hope that number of chapters won't scare new readers.

I appologise for the confusion and from now on I'll keep updating this "Little Lost Raichu" instead.

Report CommanderX5 · 606 views · Story: Little Lost Raichu ·
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Comments ( 4 )

Number of chapters tends to be encouraging to me tbh. I know theres a big buffer between me and the end and don't have to wait:twilightblush:

You call this super long? It's only like, half of weekend long. uhm.. I might have a problem :twilightblush:

im still gonna read ill stik witth ya

I’m okay with the decision even if you didn’t I’d still be okay with it.

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