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Oops... · 7:11pm May 4th, 2018

Okay, so if anyone has a better memory than me, they'll remember that I had a contest going on... that still hasn't been judged. I'm terribly sorry about this. Yes, it's basically either my fault, or my life's fault. So, I guess I have a bit of explaining to do?

It's been no secret that while I have steadily been working on more Enemy of Mine for readers and myself alike, there was quite the stretch where I was struggling to make any progress. Things are looking up now, though, and I hope you will all enjoy the horsewords I've been able to get done in the time that I have had! They'll be coming within the time range of 'soon'. If you're looking for a better estimate, then let's say the chapter's about half done-ish? It might also be a bit on the longer side. Not '20k' kinds of long but 'maybe 12k?'. Hopefully. Eeeh. I've had less time to write for a while too, but that's starting to look different.

That aside, I've got this terrible, horrible, ghastly thing. It's called a life. Yes, it's the dreaded real-life issues that have been cropping up. Hurrah. I'm not going to spend six paragraphs talking about them, but let's just say they kinda were at the worst about Feb.-March-ish? This meant I wasn't exactly focused on my contest, and I'm sorry to all the people who entered who have been waiting for results, because I was trying to get them... before mental health issues took over. Some pretty serious ones, too. Like, I had-to-argue-to-have-my-medication-not-brought-up-to-insane-levels-and-changed-to-strong-shit kind of stuff for a while. Personally, I wouldn't want to spend any bit of my life as some drugged-up pig, but maybe that's just me.

That also also aside, I've been doing a lot better. I know that I'm decently quiet about the person behind the screen on here, and that's intentional. I'm a very private person, and yes, there's a near-total lack of blogs mentioning much about my mental health at all. Disappointment and other things about writing? Yes, that's been there. Some of it has even been fueled by real-life things, but unless you're one of the people that knows me very, very well from here, I'm usually a bit reserved... or, at least, as reserved for a shitposter. I'unno, yo. But overall, the one of the Big Reasons that you never really see anything about me is because I've got, y'know, a therapist? My issues don't really end up here. Even my past computer issues, when I have them, a glossed over a bit with blogs that showcase: a) me trying to stay oddly optimistic because aaa can't write don't panic and b) I know shit about computers. This is, after all, coming from a person that used to be afraid of microwaves. Used to.

This mostly means that I forgot I had a contest... until about yesterday. Yeah, terrible on my part, but that's what you get for being a grumpy, tired, kinda self-loathing, snarkball like me. Emphasis on 'tired'.

So, the fact that I've been more distracted aside, the contest will get judged... or it would... because now there's another problem. And it's a problem that involves some math. Yeah, ew, I know. Trust me, I hate it far more than you probably do, but here's what's happened.

There are three very busy judges. (Please do not blame them for being busy. I'm even specifically not mentioning their handles here or giving links because they sure don't need any comments about this and I know that most of y'all might be too busy to look them up. Or lazy.)

These three judges do a grand total of zero fabulous slapstick routines. Obviously, this was important enough to be mentioned because dammit, slapstick is important.

There are four stories.

Obviously for fucking authors wrote those stories, and thank you very much for them!

But one author quit FimFiction... which is the latest big ol' problem. If you remember the rubric thingo I made, and just... the fact that there's four stories... there was plenty of space to have places 1, 2, and 3, as well as a kind of honorable mention with how I laid stuff out. This isn't the author's fault - they can't be expected to be glued to a horse site, but it leaves a hole in the contest... how can the contest be judged when there's now one story in some sort of limbo? Should it be judged at all? Or...?

I really don't know what to do about this. In the end, it all comes down to a very confused me. (Oh, and of course, a very tired one too, but that's a standard.) This is my first contest, and I've learned a lot doing it, as well as a couple things I might want to correct in any others I might do, because yes, I thought of a couple other ideas for a later on.

I dunno. This kind took the confusion cake and smashed it right in my face.

I'm not certain on what exactly should be done right now, and I'm terribly sorry about that.

At least there's this nice Lady Sombra picture...?

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Comments ( 8 )

We all forget things, Ice Star

Oh yah, you betcha!

I was wondering what happened with that.

It's okay. I understand if life gets in the way. :twilightsmile:

I still had fun writing my entry, and I'm glad that you and many others enjoyed reading it. That's all that counts. :pinkiesmile:

Was wondering why there wasn't results yet woops

O destroyer of fun, you've been relieved of that title. Goeth therefore and be the sassy ace thou art

Thanks for the updates. I certainly understand (firsthand…) about life getting in the way. Glad to hear that you're pulling out the other side of it.

As for the missing author … well, as long as the story is still accessible (I don't know, is it?), it's a legitimate entry and I think the fairest thing to do is still judge it and award it whatever it deserves to win. If you have trouble communicating to the author that they're owed a prize, well, that's unfortunate but it doesn't make them any less deserving.

If the author nuked everything on the way out, that's a harder case. It's arguable that they withdrew from the competition at that point. If they left the story up, though, I'd leave it in.

Yeah, things have gotten decently out of hand with the contest... :facehoof:
I had fun reading it! Maybe I'll leave more descriptive comments for everyone... that's always do-able.
Then sassy I shall be~
They didn't remove their story, but last I checked, she left the site. I'm still not so sure about what I should do at this point.

Thank you all for your understanding and sorry for the late reply!

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