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  • TNyx Returns
    Nyx is learning magic and flying under the best tutors in Equestria, but something keeps going wrong with her magic. It becomes clear that a dark force is at work and all alicorns in the ruling quadrature must pull together to save Nyx and Equestria.
    Bronyxy · 25k words  ·  51  7 · 1.6k views

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Nyx Returns · 10:10pm Apr 24th, 2018

A month ago I published Return of the King in which Twilight went to the Crystal Empire to take on King Sombra. In the course of writing this, I gave a small part to the delightful filly Nyx, who stars in Pen Stroke’s excellent classic Past Sins.

I enjoyed writing her so much that I set about giving her a starring role in my latest story Nyx Returns in which she finds herself preyed upon by a dark force that feeds off her magic. The Princesses in the ruling quadrature have to reconcile their own fractured relationships and pull together to save Nyx and Equestria.

I hope you like her as much as I do and will enjoy reading this story.

Report Bronyxy · 358 views · Story: Nyx Returns · #Nyx Returns
Comments ( 4 )

I already love this

Thank you for your support!
Nyx is such a lovely character and really enjoyed writing her into this starring role.
Thanks for letting me know that you love her too!

I love all the stories that have her but so far this is the second best I have read since past sins

Thank you!
Past Sins is a truly brilliant story and I love the masterful way Pen Stroke created this alternate universe, most especially the lovable Nyx.
I put a lot into writing this piece and I am so happy that you feel I did justice to her character.
Thanks for your kind words!

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