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For Babscon attendees · 6:18pm Mar 31st, 2018

Last night was awfully slow to spin up socially, but Saturday seems to be heating up, with a lot of folks arriving for the day or an overnight. Xepher is trying to corral the fanfic crowd into a laid-back author gather tonight in a hotel room. It’s a closed door party (not on the party floor so we have to obey quiet hours rules), but basically if you know either one of us well enough to be reading this announcement, come join in and socialize with your fellow FimFic peeps!

Room 6077. Starting at 6 pm, running till momentum peters out. (We’ll probably close up later on toward midnight to hit the dance, if nothing else.)

Report horizon · 345 views · #Babscon 2018
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Comments ( 10 )

Wish I were there with you folks.

Are you going to any cons this year?

Galacon, I think.

Are you still having fun over there?

Tomorrow, we get snow for Easter. I think God is confused.

Yup, currently super drunk and talking with authors in Berrytube party (Chelis, Rocket Lawn Chair, Caliaponia, procket12), need to go hit the dance and/or get dragged into Tarot readings

Stop making me wish I could have gone! :raritydespair:

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