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  • 19 weeks
    BronyCon 2019

    is the last BronyCon.

    You all are going, right?


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  • 20 weeks
    How To Google Docs

    Because it comes up a lot in the writing-help rooms on Discord, here's how to easily share your writing to get feedback without having to muck about with user-specific permissions.

    1. Create a Google Doc that has the writing you want critiqued in it.

    2. At the top right of the document's edit screen, click the Share button:

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  • 35 weeks
    A Fic Worth Your Time

    EThe Silver Standard
    Once upon a time, Silver Spoon's life made sense. Now she lives in Ponyville.
    PatchworkPoltergeist · 297k words  ·  400  7 · 5.6k views

    Patchwork Poltergeist finally completed her masterwork today. Y'all should read it.

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  • 46 weeks
    "Be honest, I can take it"

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  • 47 weeks
    Upcoming Fic: Firebird

    Just wanted to offer a little status update and say that all of my pony energy of late has been going into a fic about a very underappreciated pony:

    Look for it to drop no later than one week from today eventually 'cause Mana keeps extending the deadline and I'm gonna keep polishing.

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"Be honest, I can take it" · 2:50pm January 18th

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This is why I don't ask for "honest reactions" anymore.

All that stuff up there, I've already told myself over the course of writing the thing. :rainbowlaugh:

The skill lies in persevering and getting it done anyway, then taking the lessons for the next.

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Basically this

"So... what you're saying is you're not my target audience. Got it."


The skill lies in persevering and getting it done anyway, then taking the lessons for the next.

Damn. I thought it was distracting myself with video games and starting new projects so i never have to evaluate how terrible I am at follwing through on things. :pinkiecrazy:

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