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Author On Board - by Pwnego · 6:00am Jan 12th, 2018

Hey y'all.

Did you like Flounce? Nietzsche knows I did, and I'm the idiot who wrote it.

Whelp, turns out that a not-so-idiotic lemur named Pwnego wrote a semi-sequel to it. And it rocks.

What was the occasion? Well, Petrichord summoned the spirits of Obsolescence to kick-start Jinglemas 2017, a pretty snazzy gift exchange for the holidays. I wrote a Rarity/Capper thingy for some unlucky bastard, and in the meantime I received this.

Author-On-Board is a pretty remarkable achievement. It's more than the sheer fact that it was a gift fic written for me, but I could clearly tell that the author did some major research on a fic of mine that wasn't even remotely mentioned in the briefly-winded character request... but was obviously related on some spiritual level. Without really having to go the distance, they read my mind that I've got this flourishing thang for Flash Sentry/Pinkie Pie, and then they set about making a beautifully meta sequel thingy that achieves greater poignancy and sincerity than the original work did.

I was insanely impressed, and I more or less pressured the motherfluffer to submit the fic as a direct sequel under their own author name.

So go and check out Author On-Board, dammit. It's the closest thing we have to a canon continuation of Flounce. And while you're there, go give Pwnego some much needed lurve. They're a cool, humble bastard and I really really hope they do more writing in the future.


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