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My Plans For 2018 · 4:40am Jan 1st, 2018

Hey everypony! Pixel here, who is STILL ON HER BLAST FROM THE PAST WEEK. (No texting me about commissions!)

Anyway, since everypony seems to be doing it, I'll tell you what 2018 has in store for my stories.

We're Sisters!!!!

Ah, the first story I've written. I plan on writing one or two more chapters, though I'm leaning more towards one more, and then the epilogue. The story should be done by February born maybe even January if I'm not lazy.

I also plan on making a sequel for the story, but it's more focused on Starry Night adjusting to modern Equestria and Twilight & Rainbow getting use to being with their mother and aunt for their week's stay at Canterlot Castle.

The Nightmare Blessing

I know I know, I cancelled that story. But, I'm bringing it back to life (once again my blast from the past inspired me! You guys should really do this, it gives you lots of inspiration!) HOWEVER, I'm redoing it all. Basically it's completely different. Twilight is still cursed as a vampire, but Nightmare Moon didn't win. I will have the first two chapters redone by possibly March, for I'm focusing on finishing We're Sisters!!!! I will start once that story is finished.

Flutters, Will You Go On A Date?

I kinda want to make a sequel to this one. If you guys want it, I can have it done by April and May. But I might not do it, it depends on the demand.

A Dash Into Blood

This story has been on hiatus for a while now. I plan on continuing it as soon as I finish rewriting The Nightmare Blessing!. So I think in will have Twilight's past out between the first two months of the new year.

I Will Be There For You

... Oh geez. No matter how hard it will hurt me, I WILL finish this story. Sometime during April.

The Misadventures of Sketchy Clouds

Ah, my story in pony life. This one is a big project, and I will most likely be working on this one a lot, giving monthly updates on it.

Hypnotizing is Magic

Urg... (Throws up) Due to popular demand, I might write a sequel for this story. HOWEVER, it will be near June or July.

Love in the Stars

Ah, my favorite story I've written. This one I plan on continuing this AU with multiple stories. I can't give an exact date for when I will write another though.

(Unsummited) Princesses of Harmony

Password is POH

Now, though I haven't summited this story, I might write it. I've been debating whether or not to write the first chapter and summit it, but if I do, it'll be near August.

The Canterlot Sketch

Password is CanterlotSketch

This one will be another all year rounder. Once I finish chapter one I will summit it.

PixelMoon/Sketchy Clouds Rant About the Haters

Password is MLP

This story is more of a stress reliever than an actual story, but it has some supposedly funny content. I would like to write this story in my spare time.

A Sirné From Heaven

Password is MLP

This is yet another love story in a different AU, and I really love the idea of it. Might have it out near May.

And yeah, that's basically what is coming in 2018 with my stories. The rest of the year (September through December) is stored for other stories I haven't created and other ones I'm not sure about.

Well, I hope you a Happy New Year, everypony! It's 11:41 P. M. where I am so yay!

See ya next year!


Report PixelMoon · 237 views · #2018 #plans #stories #updates
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Comments ( 17 )

I hope you have a great new year sis!

Stay safe and be happy!

This was such a cool read, I might do a be-lated list of my own like tomorrow.

Hehe, you too, sis!

I look forward to reading it if you do one too!

~Le Squee~

I will totes do one,once again you inspired me sis!

Heehee! Just hit 40 followers twenty minutes before 2018! So I'll have a 40 Follower special to do as well.:twilightsmile:

Omg! 95 followers to you, five more till the big 100!:yay:

Hehe, I'm flattered! And congrats!

I haven't be paying attention to my follower number, am I really at 95?

Yeppers! 95 strong!


Happy New Years! We just hit 2018 like 25 min ago here lol.

For me it's been an hour and 29 minister lol

But happy Jew years non the less!

Lol so does that mean you were talking to me from the future? :rainbowderp:

Whaatttt? I guess I am!


The flow of time is weird...Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey and all that.:twilightsheepish:

Hehehe, yep! It's 1:40 A. M. where I am! Hm, no wonder my sister told me to go bed...

Meh, oh well!

I was invited to blast off some fireworks, but it's like totes freezing here, so I'm just staying inside eating cookies.:derpytongue2:

Hehe, it's 1° F here where I am!

... I know because I just checked:twilightsheepish:

Heehee! I just got frost bite just reading that!

15 F here, cold but not as bad as you have it.:rainbowderp:

Hehe, I'm in North Carolina up north so I'm close to Ohio, which is pretty cold (my grandma lives there) so... Wherever you life you're lucky!

... I just checked again, and it's now 0° F

Omg! That must be sooo cold.

i live in alabama, it gets pretty frosty here lol. That and wet so we have to look out for black ice all the time.

At least it isn't too bad there!

I'm so sorry, but I must say GN. It's 2:00 A. M. here exactly, so I need to get some shut eye!

GN sis!


I was about to say the same.

GN and hope you have the bestest dreams!

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