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My Writing Explained In Math · 2:17am Dec 17th, 2017

So, I used the new Match BBCodes to quantify my writing.

My Writing = \frac{Spike \pm \sqrt{romance tag - talent}}{random shipping}

Now it should all make sense to you guys.

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Comments ( 17 )

Thou seem'st legitimate


Bruh! Good to hear from you, again.

Love how you just jumped right on that site update. :rainbowlaugh:

And yes, everything makes sense now. :pinkiegasp:

Can you simplify that expression? Then I might understand.

I failed math.

Famous = Overrated Spike Writer :moustache:

too complicated mate. simplify it to one(1) word



  1. 1.
    of poor quality or a low standard.
    "Famous is bad."

You may claim yourself as "bad" but you ain't worse than me! Hell, 90% of my stories are generic E-rated OC stupidity! 5% are sub-average T-rated OC stupidity and the other 5% is M-rated harshness!

so, what you are telling me is that your success in writing all has to be because of spike ships? hmmmm.......not sure if this checks out. quick, redo the math.

I failed maths sooooooo

Best formula I've ever seen.

Oh! Still don’t get it.

And drugs occasionally


Also, does anyone else besides me wish we were able to like blogs? Because if I could, I would like this blog.

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