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Father of twin 4yo boys, partner of Arcelia, and so glad to be back.

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    >1027 feed
    >22 notifications (only 1 visible though)
    >no new messages
    >no new comments on any blogs or stories
    >no new followers
    I guess that's what happens when you haven't been creative for a couple of years D:

    Ohaithere. I missed quite a lot of you, actually.

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So like some things happened and yeah · 10:20am Dec 7th, 2017

>1027 feed
>22 notifications (only 1 visible though)
>no new messages
>no new comments on any blogs or stories
>no new followers
I guess that's what happens when you haven't been creative for a couple of years D:

Ohaithere. I missed quite a lot of you, actually.
Dustin, I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I actually meant to contribute something to your overall party and gift pool (Penguin can confirm) but I'm glad you enjoyed your 25th regardless.
Jeremy, I miss talking to you. We should do that soon. How was Rod Stewart?
AJ, Congrats on the RCL feature. You and Sunset deserve it. Glad you're still writing.
Scott, I will fite u when I get my own copy of either US or UM. I love the Light Necrozma forms.
PP, Plum, Arch, Core, AlexMangate, Ice, I think of you pretty often.

Didn't anticipate being back here until February but Arcelia moved in with me about 10 weeks earlier than planned so we got to not just see the movie together but see it in the cinema which was nice. Movie was eh but HOLYFUCKDAMN THAT S7 FINALE :D best finale since season 2 and Equestria has never been in safer hooves than how things currently stand.

I love you guys.
Did I miss anything of significance?

Also I started my own business and I'm making a million billion $ but it keeps me very busy as do my twins.
HMU with chats and comments please

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Comments ( 20 )

Yo. Just checking yer pulse.

Also I started my own business and I'm making a million billion $ but it keeps me very busy as do my twins.


Did I miss anything of significance?

Only the greatest event of the year for the fandom!

Also the season finale and the premiere of the EqG YouTube series, seen them?

Welcome back!

Also, the world was destroyed in a fire of hail and lightning, but was then rebuilt using leftover parts from every Ford Pinto in existence. Everything is the same, except we moved the Appalachian mountains 18 inches to the left, in order to accommodate a small, but lovely, water fountain.

Seeing as I haven't actually seen Season 7 yet... yeah, I'll be ignoring all other commentary.

Sir Rod Stewart was awesome, even if the guy couldn't dance to save his life. :facehoof: Best birthday gift I ever got, bar none. And yet, somehow, my Mom still insists on me sending her a Christmas list.

But yeah, we should definitely have a chat sometime. Someone's gotta drag you kicking and screaming back into the fandom, after all.

Heya! Hope you're doing well!

Did you MISS anything?

The apocalypse started five days ago! I'm rooming with a radioactive ghoul! Elon Musk was an alien android this whole time! The second MLP movie was based on Past Sins, and shattered the fandom in twain! Now there's Fimfiction.net and ten.noitcifmiF, and they must never be brought together until the return of the beast with forty eyes!

I missed Cerulean too.

Author Interviewer

ohai :D is good to know you are good

I started a new story which I am now waiting on my girlfriend to make the cover for. I am also in Melbourne visiting said Girlfriend. :twilightsmile:

Well well! Someone else decided to drop back in! Good to see ya! :twilightsmile:

glad to have you back, there was a small Ragnarok, but its all better now

I'm thrilled to hear you're doing well, bro. Planning on checking in more often?

Nice and regular. :twilightsmile:
I've seen the finale which I agree should have been the movie instead of the movie we actually got, and ooooooo I'll have to take a squizz at that!
I never liked the Pinto anyway. No offense, Pipsqueak fans.
Dude, your mum is too good. I'll be having that chat soon.
Doing very well! Thank you. How are you and the missus?
All these apocalypsi everywhere and somehow I've been sheltered by my Australian-ness. You lot are fine now though, right?
Awwwwww :heart:
Well I'm never bad, just varying degrees of good. And you just keep chugging along like a champ.
Noice. I hope you both have a lovely time.
Henlo! Am back now I have no spoilers to worry about. (unfortunately I've been unable to avoid some of the season 8 rumours but I'm certainly not looking for more.)
Thanks, Blazz.
Scandinavia too??? :pinkiegasp:
Yeah I should be. Cheers for noticing me. Hope all's well with you!

Been ages since we reall talked, but it is always nice to see your updates still.

So nobody seems to have mentioned yet. Just so you know: Feed numbers are cumulative since the last time you checked your feed. But notifications are scrubbed after one week, read or unread, and then are gone permanently. So those 22 notifications only represent the last week's worth of activity.

Chances are very high you got comments on one or more of your stories/blog posts/etc. There's just no way to tell without clicking through to them and looking.

I actually already went through all of my stories looking for new comments because I thought this too. Nope, nothin' new. Until the day after I signed back in and someone commented on my writeoff scraps fic for the first time in 2.5 years :pinkiegasp:

The sun keeps rising and setting.

That's sorta new.

So glad to have you around, man!

I'm glad that things are going great with you and your girlfriend (or wife now, who knows). Hope the boys are okay?

I have a new job, going great, more money. I saw Whitechapel with Carnifex last weekend so that was amazing. I thought I had a baby on the way for a little bit a month back or so, but false alarm. I'm getting my life cleaned up even more from some past issues, so that's always good. But most importantly, I'm moving in a direction I wanna be going.

Love you, bro.

Have you forgotten about me? :pinkiesad2: Nah, I'm only kidding. I got you on Facebook, so we're never not updated about what's going on IRL. It's definitely been a while since I've seen your username, and it's got me going down memory lane when we first met and talked.

Amazing how far things have come, huh?

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