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The Bronies have now infiltrated the police, prepare for love and tolerance you criminal scum!

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Milestones! Milestones! Milestones! · 5:07pm Sep 18th, 2017

Within this week, I have had three milestones for the price of one.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my time on Fimfiction, you all know who you are. :ajsmug:
Because of you, I have been motivated and remain motivated to keep the story of Dying Embers alive, along with the prospect of potential future stories... including a spin-off or two.

One year ago, I first published Dying Embers. :pinkiehappy:

The feedback I received was immense and allowed me to continue with the story.
On top of that, I have also reached 100 followers, whilst also having Dying Embers reaching the top 100 longest stories on Fimfiction!
... Granted, it's at the bottom at number 100, but it's still in that category XD

Thank you all again for your support through my work on the story, and through personal difficulties. It's guys and girls like you that keep me going. I won't let you down, I shall keep the story going with more chapters on the way.

I was so close to having 4 milestones with 100 chapters published... Damn, maybe next time.
See... being a cop isn't all work and no play.

Report Bobbybrony · 395 views · Story: Dying Embers · #Milestone #100 Followers
Comments ( 6 )

Happy 1 year and you deserv it my brittish Bobby.

happy times to be had buy all.

Happy one year dude!

Could have had that fourth milestone if you simply wrote and uploaded 4 chapters all in one go. I mean come on, how hard could that be.

Great work and a damn good story so far! It's stories like these that keeps me coming back to FiM Fiction! Bravo man!

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