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The Bronies have now infiltrated the police, prepare for love and tolerance you criminal scum!

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Write faster, I demand entertainmend :P

Vere ze hell did this come from but i like

Well this is interesting. And you've included a woman! Women in Equestria are about as common as a selfless griffon. I'm quite looking forward to this.

Oh, question, what sort of police are they? American, English, Australian, Canadian, what? Different places do their law enforcement differently after all.

There were tonnes of fics about soldiers in Equestria, but very few about the Police.
I figured I'd give it a go.

They're from England.
As a British copper myself, I figured it would be better to stick with what I know so that it is accurate and gets that feel of realism.

The story will have some accounts from real incidents I have attended, (edited so that they're not recognisable) to make it seem more genuine and to give a bit of an inside look.

So, I kinda want to know. Is the cover art unrelated to the story?

Or at some point are they both going to turn into police mare ponies?

Its unrelated. Just a MLP cop pic I found amusing

Cool. Still working on my police one as well. Will be interesting to see a brit take on law enforcement today, given that was the birthplace of it.

This is gonna be great.

It was invented by us? Huh... the more you know.

Law enforcement in and of itself, no. But as an organization, its core being, was mainly developed in England, which was brought to the Americas.

Well thanks Jen! I did not know that.

I'll happily be waiting for more! Update when you can :)

Aww, I thought there were more chapters already. Curious start and a helluva cute image, will follow.

Ah, they're UK coppers. I was wondering about the radio calls... Liked and tracking.

Aw, that's disappointing.

Very interesting start. It was pretty clear that the author is an officer from the start. Someone who isn't a cop may try to get authentic radio chatter, but it always comes off at least a little wooden without personal experience.

While I might suggest finding a good pre-reader, I don't want that to seem like I'm criticizing your spelling or grammar. Those are both pretty good. Instead you have a bit of an issue with superfluous words that impeeds sentence flow, if not so much as to be a real issue.

I wonder how this story would pan out with US police?

Interesting. Though, will Discord turn them into ponies so that they could 'fit in' later?

Sliding down the incline, the mixture of wet mud clinging to the tyres and the heavy rain canvasing the road causes any resemblance of grip to be lost as Matthew loses control of the vehicle. Powerless to do anything, we find ourselves at the mercy of gravity as we find ourselves nose-diving over the edge of the ravine, heading directly towards the overhanging tree's which cling to the rapid descent and the overflowing river below.


A sudden wave of hysterical laughter comes over me as the realisation finally sets in. I am alive! Somehow, we survived a nose dvve over a steep ravine into a twenty-metre drop down below. As my sense of relief slowly washes away, I finally process that I have still been injured in the crash as a large patch of fresh blood rests on my right thigh, soaking into the fabric of my trousers as droplets of blood trickle over my eyes.

Realization, dive, and meter.

A couple of those are British-isms, TL. Noah Webster got a case of the grumbles back in the day, and decided HIS spelling was going to be the only spelling, when he wrote his famous dictionary. The Brits didn't always agree. That's how we got such things as color/colour.

Or the possibility that it cost someone per letter in an advertisement.
So remove the U from colour because it's cheaper.
Or turn Autumn into Fall. Much cheaper.
Yet lazy.

Realisation, tyre and metre are spelt correctly. I am English so that is the English spelling.

...but the other one is an error :twilightsheepish: I'll get on that

No. Historically, this is something they nailed down. Webster was a bit of a snob, and stated outright that the direction HE intended to take the English language was the best direction. And as he was an American at a time of plenty of ill will towards England from the USA, his ideas were almost universally adopted by Americans as a way of flipping the bird at England.

Here we are almost 200 years after Webster's great work, and people have mostly forgotten the why of it, simply stuck in the habit of using Webster's spellings from inertia.

Ohh interesting start. Tracked and up voted.

that's just dumb if they do. american cops automatically get the go ahead to use their tazers if someone is running from them and wont stop

Police in the UK can have additional training for Tazer so that they're equipped with it. You'll have a few on each shift to ensure one is available if needed.
Although one can be drawn and used on the spot if required, such as a violent offender or a spontaneous incident, ideally they need to be authorised by an Inspector.
This is to prevent them being used unnecessarily. In the UK you can only use force which is 'reasonable and proportionate', so someone running for something trivial doesn't really justify the use of Tazer

This may be worth a read. I shall keep an eye on this.

I have a couple questions. From the way you talk you seem to be a police officer in the UK and such. Can you post a video on youtube of your duty belt and gear? Is Tazer like a way it is spelled over in the UK? I america it is spelled Taser with a S.

I’m interested as this is a British write and I’d like to know how our police organisation works.
I’m also hoping for at least once scene that references Hot Fuzz. The best buddy cop movie ever made.

I am a serving Police officer in the UK. I can't put on a video of my kit but if you want, I have a discord server where I can show the kit

Thanks I really do not use discord would you be able to pm me and just say what you carry? Or would it be best if I get on discord?

Or both really.
Either way, shall be some interesting subjects to immerse myself into in the future.

And now your comment has the classic "Are You Being Served?" stuck in my head for some reason. (Old time military brat, we used to watch BBC a lot, some times it was all that was available in English. :D )

Oh buddy... you have no idea what he has planned.


I don't understand why I got 9 down votes for trying to help. I'm sorry I don't know the English way of saying words like those, as you can see I'm American. :twilightsheepish:

I know that the majority of the UK police doesn't carry firearms, do you? Also, if UK police get in a gunfight what do they do?

Yeah, the Brits are the exception to Mark Twain's famous comment
"foreigners always spell better than they pronounce"
It all dates back to the late 18th century when Noah Webster published
the first American dictionary. Blame him & spell check.

Although "dvve" looks wrong to me, too.

They would likely die. However, most British criminals don't use firearems

I don't carry a firearm. I have CS spray and a collapsible baton.
If there are any incident involving a firearm then regular officers will rarely attend, except to establish a cordon.
We do have ARVs (Armed Response Vehicle) where officers are armed with firearms which would attend these incidents.

"They would likely die" mate, come on, use your head. If they knew the guy was armed, normal police wouldn't respond other than to block off roads and such. They would send the armed police then. If they didn't know they were armed, and then they find out, they'd probably retreat to a safe distance and then call in the armed police.

I agree that they'd avoid armed criminals. However, Thy Lord's question was

if UK police get in a gunfight what do they do?

Little know fact
The name "taser" stands for "Thomas Alva Swift's Electron Rifle"
It was named that in homage to an old time series of juvenile SF novels

I knew that lol. I have done lots and lots of research on less lethal weaponry. If you would like to hear my thoughts on Tasers and such feel free to pm me.

Haters are gonna hate. Just keep helping, setting a good example (even if your wrong on the spelling of 2/3 due to dialect) :scootangel:

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