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MLP: The Movie (2017) Trailer #3 · 5:48pm Sep 12th, 2017

MLP: The Movie (2017) Trailer #3

I just got done watching the third trailer for MLP: The Movie (2017) and it looks like it is going to be an awesome ride!

Here is the trailer for anyone who might be interested in watching it.

And here is a sneak peek at one of the songs.

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Comments ( 31 )

I can't wait! :pinkiesmile:

4666417 Me too! I am so exited to watch it. :)

4666419 I know right? XD

Although, I personally am more excited to watch IT :twilightsheepish: If only I could get to the theater to watch it, but with my situation healthwise I can't :fluttershysad:

4666422 I've heard that IT is a really good movie. It's been getting excellent reviews. :)

Exactly, and as a fan of King and horror in general, I'm so happy that it's getting good reviews :twilightsmile:

The animation looks like nothing I've ever seen! It's so beautiful!
Also, Capper's voice is noice :moustache:


4666439 I am a big fan of Steven King and the genre of horror as well. :)

4666442 I know right? I am so excited to see this movie! And I'm also looking forward to seeing all of the fantasy creatures that will be introduced and help to expand the lore of the world.

4666450 I want to see it in theaters too. XD

4666457 Me too! Also, nice Atlantis gif. I love that movie. XD

Atlantis was one of Disney's best movies, I think.

4666467 Atlantis was pretty good. And so was Treasure Planet. :)

Oh, yes. I like Treasue Planet a lot.

w a i t

yep pretty cure that’s Celly
encased in stone

4666473 Cool! It is always good to meet another Treasure Planet fan. :)

4666487 It definitely looked like she was turned to stone for sure.

Well, at least Tempest looks like she has more depth to her. I'm still fairly certain this movie will fail, though. I don't want it to, but I'm sure it will.

4666512 I'm remaining optimistic about the release. The Brony fandom is pretty large (even worldwide). So I think the movie will pull in all of the fans and also maybe some new people who have just joined the fandom as well.

Okay, I love Capper.

4666519 I know right? I am looking forward to seeing his character on the Big Screen. XD

Who'd have thought that this will be one of the best animated movies this year.
The reason why I'm saying that is because, of course Disney's gonna knock it out of the park with Coco and I'm willing to give Cars 3 the benefit of the doubt. And Lego Ninjago.

I'm not ashamed to say that I thought this would bomb and I would laugh at its demise, but after reading the prequel comics, I'm hyped.

4666525 The prequel comics are awesome! I heard that the books leading up to the movie are pretty good too (including the one that goes into Tempest Shadow's past more in depth).

I like that they decided to finally put the pony actors' names in this trailer.

4666665 Me too. That is pretty awesome.

So excited for this!

4668285 Me too! I am so hyped to watch it. XD

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