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I think a progress bar could be a good idea · 9:00pm Aug 29th, 2017

I finsihed writing chapter 25 now. :yay:

Now the long process of finding an editor can start. :raritydespair:

Anyhow, the chapter is 6984words long and should come up with some interesting plot changes. After loosing my last editor, I decided to shorter the story a bit, so the speed which the plot develops will increase a bit too.

Sorry for the longer time without update:twilightsheepish:

So heatwave is gone and writing starts to become more interesting again:twilightsmile:

The next chapter will take some time though, lost my editor again, so have to look for a new one also have the chapter not completly written yet, more or less 30-40% I would say. Things are going on, though, like said will take sometime for the next chapter, sorry:ajsleepy:

The next chapter is almost finished, just a few little spots to adjust and then I can choose a good point to puplish it:twilightsmile:

The edit started a few days ago, but honestly it never was so difficult and exhausting to edit a chapter before. My editors and my opinion about things are far away from each other this time. While she focused on tension and pacing I care more for the content and right translation. Some things can't be tranlated properly this time and the problem is, it is either correct from the matter of content with more descriptions and writing around things or it is inaccurate but has a far better flow and tension.
We are working on it but this was the reason for more than one arguing, besides some other stuff and so the edits still take some time, sorry again for the delay.

Well the chapter is nearly 9000 words now, but my editor is in holiday so may take a while till it is really finished, sorry for the delay:derpytongue2:

Chapter 24 is actually in the writing status, just not much written down yet:derpytongue2: A few hundret words are done and the content is completly designed just have to write it down further.:pinkiecrazy:

First editing round is finished, not much more and the chapter is ready to go.:yay:

Chapter 23 reached 9000 words tonight :pinkiegasp: Anyway, it is written:twilightsmile: So the edit can start soon:derpytongue2:

Well, Chapter 22 is written, nearly complete edited and just wait for the editing to fisnish, which can take some time because my editor isn't feeling so well. (She made an post about her health status) Chapter 23 is halfway written, will take some time to finish it.

I made some progress with the next chapter (21), had a bit trouble with the dialogs to be honest. A certain character simple had nothing interesting to say, I mean he had, but the reader already knows, so that hindranced me a bit to arrange everything to both stay in character and find something interesting to speak about instead. Luckely I found a solution yesterday^^

Chapter 20 is almost complete:twilightsmile: Just one spot left we debate about, me, my pre-reader and preditoress. When this spot is done, I just have to come up with a name for the chapter and it is done. So I guess the puplish date will be the next weekend, either friday or Saturday, or if there is a peak of active members on FiM next week maybe a few days earlier:trollestia:

The Framework for the next chapter is done:pinkiehappy: It has at the moment 4k words. So I let my pre-readers have a look at it (yes plural:twilightsmile:) and if they say the plot is ok, I can work on the finetuning about the actions and dialogs in it. Shortly after that the edit round can start.

So three news for you:
First the new chapter (20) is doing well, 2100 words at the moment. It was a bit hard to gather all the backround information after some month passed since the last Snowy chapter to be honest, but now everything is in place and the writing goes fast and without problems.:twilightsmile:

Second, some readers have complained about the ending of chapter 18, more precise about the word choice and how it comes across in english. So my team and I have done some adjustments that the idea behind the whole part of the chapter comes across better and no one have a bad taste about it anylonger. Don'r worry though, you don't have to read it again if you wasn't offended by the end in the first place, like I said mostly wording was changed.

Third: I tried to get a new pre-reader, someone offered help, we will see how this will turn out. Anyway, if someone is interested in becoming a pre-reader too, just send me a Pm please, I really could use more pairs of eyes sometimes:raritywink:

The editing of chapter 19 is finsihed:yay: The chapter shall be come out later today.

Because of some negative feedback I got for the ending of the last one, I may add a few words of clarify to it. As soon as I found out what to say and don't brake the idea or the flow behind it.:derpytongue2:

The writing is complete, so the chapter has 6,5 k words yet. Thats before the editing of course so it may vary a bit.
Everything now lays in the good hooves of my preditoress:twilightsmile:

My diligent preditoress already made one and a half run through the first 4k words:twilightsmile: So the editing goes very well, still I try to get another pre-reader.
The wordcount raised non the less to 5400 at the moment:pinkiehappy:

Well, today I had a good run in chapter 19^^ I am already at 4094 words:yay: I think it could be good to let my preditoress have a look earlier this time, to avoid any delays again:raritywink:

So my editor is a bit busy at the moment, but she told me she should have the chapter done by this friday. I told her Saturday would be fine too, so you can expect the next chapter this weekend I guess.:twilightsmile:

Work on chapter 19 in the meantime goes well, so with a little luck there shouldn't be any delays with that one in dezember:scootangel:

The second round of editing has started:twilightsmile: It is already halfway through more or less. In the meantime I have started chapter 19 already, not so much written of it yet, but don't wasting time:raritywink:

Oh and one of my pre-readers freaked out about the content of the next chapter and left. Have to seek a new one it seems, so if anyone is up for the job send me a message. The reason he freaked out was something I didn't expected, after you have read the next chapter you see one obvious thing someone could get angry about, but thats not what have made him upset. It was a simple word choice :rainbowlaugh:

The first round of editing is done :yay: Means the pre-read is 100% complete too. I still have to take care of the adjustments and the suggestions and with a little luck the next round of editing can start soon:scootangel:

So the writing seems to be finished, depends on what my pre-readers think about the ending of course. I can let the chapter end at the point it does yet, but also could add a bit more, we will see. Wordcount is 5638 yet, with onr pre-reader got through the other was requested to give it a look yet, also start the edit.:pinkiehappy:
This day start very well, had one of my pre-readers with me in the gdoc and the progress was very well.
The word count rose to 4513 words yet:pinkiehappy:

Actually the word count is yet 3200. Still a few paragraphs to go :derpytongue2:

So the level of progress is good, one pre-reader is already on it and the chapter is a t 2500 words yet. I still have to add a bit more than usuall during the weekend so the next week the edit process can start and the next chapter can be puplished near the second dezember:pinkiesmile:

With the promortion done, I added more to the next chapter again.
Funny thing is, by happenstance the word count has exactly doubled:rainbowlaugh: 1040 words at the moment.

Chapter 18 has 520 words so far, but I kind of care for the promotion for chapter 17 still:pinkiesmile:

Actuall Chapter which I am working on: 17

So the writing is finsihed :yay:

Pre-read: Done

Editing: Done

The chapter shall be puplsihed this weekend! :yay:

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Comments ( 6 )

I believe that your way of writing dates may confuse a few people. They switch the date of day and month and instead of dots, they use slashes :rainbowwild:

I am fully aware of that:scootangel: I just decided to keep it like it is in my country :trollestia:

Okay :rainbowlaugh: We have it the same here:moustache:

Hi :pinkiehappy: When did you think the new chapter will appear?

Thanks for your interest:twilightsmile:

Well, difficult to say to be honest. Ever is working really fast and hard on the edits and so do I, but we really have some problems to agree on some stuff in this chapter.

We are more or less at page 16 of 22 with the edits, so maybe a few more day could do and it could be puplished this weekend, but I make no promise on that.:ajsleepy: But I am sure, latest, at the first weekend of august it should be puplished.:pinkiesmile:

Good news, the chapter shall come up on Friday. :twilightsmile:

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