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Modern Day Slang Kind Of Sucks · 2:45pm Jul 30th, 2017

Back in the day we had hip words like knarly, righteous, and tubular.

These days kids use words like On Fleek.

Let that sink in for a moment.

On. Fleek.

It means 'on point' or something to that effect.

Here is what it looked like in a sentence:

"His hairstyle was on fleek."

Translation: "His hairstyle was 'on point'."


Just seeing this attempt to be a 'normal' expression in a sentence hurts my eyeballs.

What the heck is wrong with this generation? <_<

Comments ( 55 )

90s slang wasn't that much better. I mean..... TUBULAR?

4617781 Hey now. Tubular was an awesome slang word. And so was 'righteous'.

4617787 I will bring them back. <_<

Righteous is a good word because it describes how good you are and was used long before the term slang was invented..... Tubular sounds like a type of disease.

4617791 I still like tubular. :P

Especially when used in this way; "Totally tubular!"

But to each their own.

4617792 It will be my sacred quest. Along with bringing back the game of pogs. :pinkiecrazy:

ha how about lit this shit is lit mind my language but i mean dab dab

4617797 Nuuu. More modern slang! It burns us precious! :raritycry:

But what the fuck is "finna" and how did that replace "about" as in "about to" or "an immediate future action"

4617800 I know the pain, my friend. Modern day slang makes little to no sense. T^T

How does one even use that in a sentence??

"I'm finna beat this bitch up" or something like that

idk why it's just good so you'll have to deal with it

And now you know how you parents felt about your own slang. Congratulations! You are old.

Eh I don't even know what kids say these days. But I am annoyed when I hear LOL or OMG out loud (thankfully mostly on tv). Because I don't live in English speaking country.

4617804 That sentence was actually painful to read. T^T

4617805 Eh, some modern day slang isn't so bad. But other modern day slang makes no grammatical sense...whatsoever. And it actually hurts my brain to read it. <_<

slang ain't suppose to make sense

4617814 I'm not that old. I'm just an old soul. :P

Also in 'my day' slang actually made sense. There are some modern slag words which actually hurt your head when you read them in a sentence. :I

Like Finna as I just found out.

As in, "I'm finna beat this bitch up." 

How does that even make sense???

4617853 Do you mean 'On Fleek'?

Apparently 'On Fleek' means 'on point' or something like that. It sounds really weird in a sentence.

4617860 80s and 90s slang made sense.

Modern day slang...not so much. :/

eh those days wasn't fun i mean i was born the last year of the 90's 1999

4617871 The 80s and 90s were awesome. Great video games. Great movies. Great comics. Great anime. Great manga. Just great entertainment in general.

The fashion kind of sucked though. :P

nah i mean todays anime is better one punch man persona 5 and some other things

4617879 The animation is definitely better. But in terms of storytelling, there were a lot of great animes that came out of the 80s and 90s.

4617881 I know right? <_<

naruto and dragon ball doesn't count

Righteous is definitely the best word to use when you are felling great. It's a word that everyone gets.

I feel that slang has deteriorated outside of the internet. I personally was a big fan of 1337 or LEET Speak back when I was part of the general Halo 3 Gaming community.

4617889 There are tons of animes besides that like Fushigi Yugi, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, The Vision of Escaflowne, Ah My Goddess, Record of Lodoss War...so on, which are all awesome shows. :)

4617891 I'm a big fan of LEET speak as well. XD

4617900 But I like modern day anime, manga, cartoons, video games, and comics as well. XD

so we're both right


Proof of the way things where before. Back when the madness of the internet was a sanctuary for eccentric individuals that didn't give a crap about the real world. God it was so much more fun back then.

4617988 The internet is still a fun place. You just have to weed through more crap than before to get to the good stuff. ;)

You are never too young to be old enough to criticize younger generations!

And well my mind tells me finna is based from "find and". Probably dropped the d since it is hard letter. Would help if I had any idea how finna sounds out loud since English written language is not related to the spoken English that much, to my eternal nagging.

Anyway slang makes sense only to those that us it. And I'd rather grab my cane and hit these kids today than use their words.

4618045 lol Fair enough. ;)

Well, first of all, many of them are whiney, SJW, PC, islamapoligetic, BLM supporting, white-cis-male-hating, special snowflake, feminist cunts/cucks that believe that anything that doesn't agree with them is "problematic" needs to be silenced.

Other than that, I actually have no problem with "on fleek" in particular.

4618164 Some millennials can certainly be interesting. That's for sure. :P

True, old English is best English! XD

4621896 I actually love Victorian Era slang. XD

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