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Sneak Peak · 12:48pm Jul 17th, 2017

As a show of appreciation for all you fine readers, I thought I'd grant a little teaser of events to come. Specifically, the new mares who will be applying to join the harem. More specifically, their boobs, because raisins.

The mares had arranged themselves in ascending order of size, though whether that was intentional was anyone’s guess. Silver was the smallest in pretty much every way and her top kept her silver chest puppies firmly in place. That isn’t to say her chest wouldn’t get stared at if she was on earth, but she was still first on the list. Next were Moonlight’s orange bosoms, which had noticeably more bounce to them. Given her military background, Thomas couldn’t help but make the comparison of a fresh recruit who mostly followed orders, but still tested their boundaries by occasionally stepping out of line. Honey’s green mamma jammas had very nearly touched her chin more than once as she jogged along. Despite the bras seemingly being designed exactly the same and tweaked for the different sizes, Honey’s bra looked like it was straining not to break. Next were Surprise’s tig ol’ bitties which… Her bra was on strike. It was fed up with working conditions around here and decided tonight would be the night that it simply wouldn’t work. That was the only logical conclusion Thomas could conceive as he watched her marshmallowy baby feeders flop all over the place with no rhyme or reason. More than once the human likened the display to a pair of elephant seals slamming their bodies together in a show of dominance, only way sexier. And lastly was the glory of the glorious boobies of the night. Despite being larger than Surprise’s in both overall size and proportion, Luna’s boobs behaved more like Honey’s in how they looked like they were enjoying their play time, but didn’t want to overstep.

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