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Wow, everyone · 8:37pm Jul 10th, 2017

Dear FIMFic,

You know, I didn't expect a whole lot when I published the latest chapter of All That Glitters. I was told there was still some interest in it, but the guilt of ignoring it for almost 3 years was pretty much telling me that all the initial curiosity for reading it had died a long time ago. It was written before the CMC had their marks, before Diamond Tiara was reformed into their new best friend, Tirek and Twilight reenacted Goku vs Freeza, Starlight's communist village and time breaking and even before Twilight's second visit to Canterlot High (or even SciTwi was a thing).

But... just wow. Three years delayed and it still has received over 250 views in not even a single day. It even somehow found its way back to the Feature Box (I know it was the bottom three, but that was mindblowing to me).

I don't know how I ever earned this wonderful reader base, but you guys still amaze me. Real life has been dragging me around and taking away all the free time I had to write with back in 2013, but I do promise I won't let this one be forgotten or cancelled. Again, you all are the best and I'm truly honored you think my silly story was worth waiting three years for.

In the author's notes, I mentioned that FamousLastWords was a huge help to picking this story back up, but please do go thank him if you can. He's really a fantastic writer and a great Spike author. If you could do that for me, it'd mean a lot.

Thank you all again and see you next chapter!


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Comments ( 9 )

Never underestimate the desire to see a story finished.

(I know it was the bottom three, but that was mindblowing to me)

That's where updates are supposed to go, silly :rainbowwild:

I don't give up on a story unless it has the cancel tag or the author has been offline since forever.

Go, Comet Burst! Thank you for updating All That Glitters...!

... i still need to read that.

While I haven't read it, that might change of course, I know you are a good writer and many of us will wait and be happy when a new chapter appears even if it has been a few years.

You know, there is a simple explanation to that, you are a good writer. You've managed to establish a fanbase and If you'd ever publish something for money, those that could afford it would be there.
I for my part wish I could manage that. I know that I can create worlds in a moments notice, but I have my problems finding a propper protagonist in them. Yu may have used a world created by someone else but you managed to capture an audience because you found a story worth reading in it.
Ther aren't that many that can accomplish that and therefor you should be proud.
Just don't get caught in the fame. Many do and it usually ruins their creations.

This is quite literally CB's return to this story after 3 years hiatus.

Famous is such a dweeb

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