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Jurassic World tonight · 2:12am Jun 22nd, 2018

Dear FIMFic,

So, it’s here. A movie I’ve been waiting anxiously for and secretly hoping it might not happen.

For some background, I love Jurassic Park. Like, you don’t understand. I. LOVE. JURASSIC. PARK. This movie has been a beloved classic of mine, hanging out rightfully with Empire Strikes Back and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. When I was in elementary school, I watched it on VHS every day (my mother could tell the time of day by me watching it).

To add to that, I’ve been to every opening day theater release, whether it was Jurassic Park 3 or Jurassic World, and while I still adore the original, here I am about to embark once again to Isla Nublar in Fallen Kingdom. It’s a bittersweet feeling, knowing what I know from the trailers, but I’m confident that this may eclipse my second favorite movie in the series, Lost World.

(Trust me, I went out and bought the book when I was 10)

With all of that said, I’ll let one of my all time favorite movie quotes say it.

Welcome back to Jurassic Park.


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Comments ( 8 )

I really need to watch JW1

it wasnt terrible, but i still felt it had a few flaws...

"Bring forth the sacrifice!" Spike struggled through the door with a stuffed ponyquin, done up in crude stitches and purple marks supposedly indicating wings and a horn, and placed it on the crystal table while Twilight Sparkle simply sat and fumed.

"Bless you, Acolyte Spike," intoned Starlight Glimmer. "Behold, the hopes and dreams of Twilight Sparkle made manifest. Courtesy of Rarity's Carousal Boutique, home of all your fine fabric needs. Plugging her place gives us a discount on the dummy, Sparkle," said Starlight at Twilight's disbelieving snort. "And now that the innocent and fragile creature has been placed upon the altar of reality, we shall invoke the Incantation of Understanding."

Starlight raised the kitchen knife over her head and faced the limp doll at the same time Twilight Sparkle gave out a huff of anger.

"Seriously, Starlight. Just because you saw the movie first and didn't like it, doesn't mean you should spoil it for me!"

Tell me if it isn't garbage. I have such bad feelings on this one that I'm not going to even try. I'll just keep playing Jurassic World Evolution... It's keeping me happy

My personal favorite:

I don’t know, trailer makes JW2 seem a bit too much like JP2, but ill still give it a shot.

Hi comet, I am big fan of Jurassic park trilogy! One question, do you wanna continue with the french revolution /pony history man? its a so awesome history! thanks!

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