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So, finally actually posted a real story. · 3:56pm Jun 16th, 2017

As pretty much all of you noticed of course. Been over a week and still don't think the fact I now count as a pony-fic author has fully sunk in. Even more so that the fic ended up going of as well as it did. Nearly 3000 views, two days in the feature box, and just, a slew of overall positive comments and feedback, thank you to everyone that read, liked, and enjoyed my first story. Guess a follow up might help, or at least help cover some more things so....

First off, again, I owe a massive, huge amount of thanks to Manifest Harmony, both for creating The Clocktower Society in the first place, and for all the help and support she gave me to get this fic made. It would not exist if not for her and the rest of the amazing people in the CTS chat pushing and encouraging me to do this, and to actually publish it.

The whole thing started as just a fun little idea I had after reading the scenes between Twilight and Luna in the recent chapter of the main fic. Wanting to see Luna put that training she talked about into use, and also explore just what she meant about reconnecting to the Society. The thought bounced around in my head for a few days before I broached the idea to Mani, and next thing I knew I'd had several pages of it already written and several people pushing for more.

In the process, I ended up fleshing out a lot of backstory details about Luna's time at the Society prior to when the main story takes place, some of which had been hinted at in the story. There was a push to make things more explicit in what those events were, give more direct details about that, but I prefer stories that take a subtler approach to these things. I'm glad it seemed to have worked out and didn't lose to many people wondering what was going on. Just to be clear about the big picture though, Luna was quite eager to rejoin the Society after her return. She had been it's Royal patron prior to her fall after all. Cadance tried to urge her to take it slow, (And yes, Cadance is one of Luna's Society mentors) but Luna was overconfident and too eager. She pushed herself a bit too fast, ended up in the Society's primary Non-Con play zone where she was found by a group of, well... assholes, and the whole incident she had a flashback to happened. Afterwards, it shattered Luna's confidence in her having a place in the modern Society, taking months to return and only after Celestia and Cadance pushed her to do so. Only doing so while disguised as the unicorn 'Fading Crescent'. The fic marking her desire to return and participate in the Society fully, as herself again.

There are other fics planned to continue exploring things, further detailing Luna's past, and where she goes from here. A mixture of story and clop stuff like the main fic. After this huge a reception (again thank you all) how could I not do more? The next one is in progress, it'll be a bit cause it's going to be longer, split into 4-5 chapters, going back to show Luna's first attempt at returning to the Non-Con zone following the incident, with Cadance (Or rather the pegasus Heartthrob) accompanying her to help provide support. Yes not one, but two disguised princesses getting 'forced' to please whichever doms can catch them and claim them within the zone. Hopefully it turns out as good as Guide did, and again thank you all for so much support and for giving the story a chance.

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Okay, I guess it's time I read some CTS stories! Where do I start? :rainbowhuh:

EDIT: Nevermind; found the link!

4572944 Enjoy, lots of great world building. Some issues with things at first as the story is clearly set up more to introduce the world-building then from the character angle, but it gets better. But damn did Mani create one incredibly fun, and kinky setting.

Interestingly enough, the description reminded me of the 18th century Hellfire Club(s).

4573334 Well, secret Society that has, way more influence on things then others might think... I can see that.

It is a bit of a paradox that every single important person, some of whom like Celestia can literally shape their societies to be accepting towards the society, lament how the society couldnt be accepted by the general population with how it is currently/for the last several thousand years...

You can shape the world to your liking in several thousand years your around as the figurehead of your nation, and work with other nations who most likely all are also members of said society... yet your like "oh woe is me, when will society accept me for who i am"

4573657 Ehhhh I do agree and have had this talk with Mani and others about how it's kind of hard to buy this is such a major thing to keep secret given every single prominanat leader and important pony in Equestria is a member. I actually have Cadance and Luna discussing this in my next fic. Basically, it's not really a 'society will never accept us' type deal, Cadance knows that while some wont be happy, it won't be this huge deal, the Society staying secret is more to protect and for the sake of the Society itself then the public. 1. knowing this is secret, secure, that nothing they do will ever leave those walls, it's a bit of a mental safety net that can help ponies relax and truly be who they wish, do as they wish, without fear of potential issues. 2. It makes it much easier to screen and control the membership when you seek out and scout ponies beforehoof, if it was public, they'd have way to many ponies trying to sign up or pissed they don't get to go in who really don't belong. 3. it's just plain FUN to be part of a 'secret sexy kink club'.

Thats all good points and true, but its the "woe is me!" attitude i cam across that irked me, and the very fact that the Sol Invictus exists.

Yeah i read hunters moon and got all i know about it from there, so no idea how canon it is to Manifests original, being this "no fun allowed!" religion that ruins the lives of everyone who doesnt do sex just for making babies essentially among other things. They come across as a important reason for the big secrecy of the CS, what is self defeating since all the important ponies seem to be members of CS and the Sol Invictus wouldnt exist or be already altered being a thorn in the side of the society for thousands of years.

CS could be "known" to the public, but not its purpose or what happens inside (secured with the contracts and such so non members simply cannot know), besides i remember reading in one of the guides that you could just walk up to your local recruiter who is "recognizable" (or such if i remember right) and ask to join (implying some basic knowledge of CS exists in the general population).

But to be honest its a organization that spans hundreds of millions plus of members where you come across your neighbors and ones you know from before joining regularly. Dont see such large organizations where basically everyone you know is a member too conjuring up the illusionary thrill of "secret but(t) fun" to the average member (heh).

Then again i just ignore the number thing that was give and go by the official map of equestria and imagining it more alike european countries with several million population rather then hundreds of millions considering the small number of what we could consider major cities.

It could easily be like the Modern Day Templars or Masons in its way.

Then again, no need to listen to me, im just overthinking things i love, and boy do i love the worldbuilding in CTS and its stories. :D

ugh the rambling... lol

Also now want to see a story that at least has a scene of white robbed ponies going around planting "No Fun allowed" signs in ponyville or canterlot or such. :trollestia:

4573945 I think BWK over stated how much influence the Sol have. I've talked this over with Mani... for one they are NOT 'thousands' of years old, they arose following Luna's fall to NMM as a kind of, uber-Celestia faction trying to quell unrest and doubt about their remaining Princess hence the name. Part of their creedo was trying to push a kind of, "It's just natural to have pure, radiant mare in charge' type thing, and they were hyper-Sexist in favor of Mares are naturally better. They also sought to 'cure' any remaining taint of NMM, through purging things associated with Luna, that was what led the Society to go into hiding, it was more their association with Luna then their kinkyness.

Now though? They are basically the Equestrian equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church, no real power, but they can be very annoying and screw you over if they really wanted to. Not many ponies listen to them, but the few they are are loud and obnoxious enough to make them seem bigger.

But yes, the shear size of it and how many ponies are members that are all high ranking and beloved... it really does make more sense it's more a secret out of tradition and because they simply enjoy being a secret more then MAJOR issue with Equestria not handling this. It would be rough and cause issues, but ones that could be fixed in time. There is also the 50 Shades of Grey issue. That if it became known this was such a big thing, if SO MANY major ponies, including all the Princesses came out in favor of this, a lot of ponies who have no idea what they are doing or have no business doing this, would start trying to do this stuff simply becuase they want to copy them, and so lead to a lot of issues and problems.

I can see many reasons for not making it a big public deal. But the Sol or fear of massive pushback from the public are not ones.

Also planning a part in my next story as well of a little anecdote about when a particularity idiotic Sol confronted Cadance over what an indecent horrible slight on the purity of her station it was for her to debase herself by coupling with a common stallion. (Shining) She did not take that well.

Good to know. And heh, will be a fun story then i bet.

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