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    New sequel is live

    So, after much teasing, much hinting, far too many delays, and a whole lot of IRL junk getting in the way, a new Kinky Luna fic is finally started. If you enjoyed Luna's trip to the Borderlands in Lunar Ravishing, get ready for round two as she heads back and accepts Gregor's invitation to his Slave Camp in Lunar Enthrallment.

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    Dramatic reading

    So the amazing Scarlett Blade has done a dramatic reading of Luna's Guide that you can find below.

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Dramatic reading · 3:23pm Feb 17th, 2018

So the amazing Scarlett Blade has done a dramatic reading of Luna's Guide that you can find below.

In other news/updates, Progress is still slowly chugging along on the next fic, the first two chapters of an ongoing colab with Wendy Crescent focused on Luna and Starsong's relationship. Barring more IRL stuff getting in the way, hope to have the last bits written up by the end of the weekend, then move onto editing. After that, planning on working on a sequel to Lunar Ravishing.

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