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At the End Commentary: Chapter 13 · 3:31pm Nov 26th, 2012

This entry contains spoilers for its corresponding chapter of At the End. Be warned...

<--Previous Chapter Commentary *-* Next Chapter Commentary -->

Heh heh heh... I've fooled all of you.

I pulled a fast one in this chapter and expected the veteran Minecraft users to call me out on my trickery, so imagine my surprise when NOBODY got it. What am I supposed to do? Outright tell you guys? No, I can't do that. I don't want to spoil future plot details too early. I guess that leaves me with creating a retrospective blog entry when the story is done.

Chapters 12 and 13 were supposed to be together, but I had the first half done, but not the second. So while the first was being edited, I worked on the second. After I posted the first, I edited the second. Another reason for the split was due to there being a lot of line breaks in chapter 12. It really didn't need another, so the split was guaranteed.

Again, three things were supposed to be completed. The first was Fluttershy meeting the entity that chases here at the end of the chapter. The second was the shadow pony. The third was the Crafter evading Fluttershy. What, you missed that? You were supposed to. It's not too important, and that's why I am telling you.

In doing one of these three events, I fooled everyone, even though my goal was to fool only some of you. I'm going to laugh when someone actually figures out what I did.

Fluttershy's pursuer was doing just that, but I used something in this scene that I did twice before. I can't talk about it too much right now without delving into spoilers. And The Crafter thread will be touched on in Chapter 14, so there's not much I really need to say about that.

What is important, however, is the Shadow Pony. A few readers mentioned events proceeded like the creatures from Alan Wake. That was unintentional, but they are not wrong. The Shadow Pony, as eldritch and foul as it appeared, provided a source of escape and comfort for the timid pegasus. Aren't you curious as to why? Why did it reveal to Fluttershy the means to escape the darkness that would be upon her only a few minutes later? Are it and the other entity somehow at odds with each other? Or are they the same entity, just like the circumstances with Sargeant Jetstream in Chapter 9?

There is so much more I want to say about this chapter, and so much I will say, but doing so will open the biggest can of worms to date. A lot happens in this chapter that sets up future events, so I will go into more detail in the retrospective. Bookmark this chapter in your minds, for it shall be important.

Tune in next chapter for a Crafter chapter, and maybe, if i feel like it, we'll see the Emperor as well.

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Comments ( 20 )

Tune in next chapter for a Crafter chapter, and maybe, if i feel like it, we'll see the Emperor as well.


UGH! I know what happened but I can't tell you guise!:D
'Cause I'm an editor :p

i.imgur.com/j4Nnv.png ~Wolf

404645 Pretty please with a cherry on top? :pinkiesad2:
Yeoman, out

405077 I can add extra sprinkles. :pinkiehappy:
Yeoman, out

405095 Ok. :ajsleepy:
Yeoman, out

I squirm with delight.
I am happy not knowing, it brings me great hope that next up is a going to be good, and I can't wait for the reveal, though I might miss it.

My intent was to create a debate among readers as to what just happen. Here we have two occurrences of an entity. They may be the same, they may be different. But one thing I did was, if you know your Minecraft and Pony lore, create an inconsistency. It was deliberate, and I was hoping someone would catch it, but no one did. Sad face.:pinkiesad2:

But on the downside, a new fear has entered my mind, one I never anticipated before. I'm accumulating a fair amount of fans for my story, so I'm getting nervous about letting people down. I want to live up to the standards others have set for me, but I'm not sure I can. There's that lingering doubt in the back of my mind that keeps saying "What if it's not good enough? What if I disappoint them? What if they hate it?"

I'm worried about my fan's opinion of me. Or I'm Discorded.

I pray to Satan Cthulhu Herobrine Jebus that I don't actually let you people down.

I understand your sudden fear of dissapointing your readers.
I have, like, three, and I still get really upset when I'm late on a chapter.
I used to do one or more a day... but then I fell behind, and I never caught back up.

It appears somepony managed to figure a piece of it out. Good for them.

Well now, that's interesting.

Still, I'm going to wait to see what the path ahead holds for everyone traveling it.

You might have to wait a while. I have a lot of writing and scripting to do. However, I might release a chapter of my little side project to fill in the gap that about to occur between chapter 13 and 14

alright, well, I await the new with eager anticipation.

I just wish I had some custom art to go along with it. Know any good artists?

I'd volunteer, but I can't get a hold of a scanner, and I have no money.

being homeless sucks.

other than that, I don't have any reccomendations. The best artists I know cost money. If you have, like, 20$ to spend, you might be able to get a basic sketch from Genzoman of Deviantart. I think his rates are close to 120$ for a good print, but they are totally worth it. he does professional cover work for movies, novels, mangas, animes, and more.

That guys got chops. Too bad he looks backed up for months on work. And I wish I had that kind of money to blow on title cards. *sighs*

Time to do some hunting...

yeah... me too... maybe I wouldn't be living the "Starving Artist" stereotype.

I may have discovered an artist. Goodie.

And a one shot is ready, save for a little editing. Ashes to Ashes should be out when a day or two after my editors are done with it.

awesome. And while I may be an artist, I have no way to scan my drawings, and as such no way to post them anywhere.

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