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Random Ramblings CXC · 5:45am May 28th, 2017

Now that the calendar date has officially changed in my time zone (that'd be Central Time, a.k.a. GMT-6), I feel justified to barf out another blogpost. This one has three different short topics. Here's the first:

First: A reader suggested many weeks back that Exes Meet needed something to give Flash more justification for his actions. I agreed but did nothing. I have finally written a fix and will integrate it into the story within the next couple hours, so please give it a reread soon and perhaps tell me what you think about the change. (I generally dislike heavily editing old work -- I ain't George Lucas -- but I'm willing to make exceptions)

EDIT: It is done. My original plan to put the flashback in the middle of the story turned out to be too tonally jarring, so I put it at the beginning instead.

I feel kind of proud to have written what seems to be one of the few legit popular Flash Sentry stories on this site.

Second, I have gone back and attempted to fix terminology to make names consistent between the Recovery Arc and the Burritoverse, as they now share a continuity. Hopefully I got everything.

Third, and most importantly, it turns out I was a lot more prescient than I thought. When I said I've been dropping hints about Sunset from the beginning, I meant it. I was going back through Sunset…Burrito and saw a bit of my backstory for her that I didn't even realize I had made public – I thought I'd only put it in my can't-be-published novelization of Anon-A-Miss, but nope; I snuck it into a story over two years ago! Namely, that Sunset Shimmer is originally from Stalliongrad. That's just a bit of trivia for now, but it will come up again in the Redemption Arc and possibly the second chapter of Recovery.

Well, that's all for tonight. Peace out!

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Ah, so Sunset Shimmer has large hips and bust because she is built like mighty Бронено́сец «Потёмкин»! Is making sense now.

The new addition to the Flash story really improves it. Details like that fleshing out the history of the relationship and his feelings give it an extra punch that few have ever taken the time to do for the poor guy.

Thanks for this. As Robert B. Parker noted when he changed an aspect of Spenser's back story in a later book, as an author he reserved the right to have a better idea.


As Robert B. Parker noted when he changed an aspect of Spenser's back story in a later book, as an author he reserved the right to have a better idea.

I like that. I think I'll use it. Y'know, even Tolkien went back and rewrote a critical sequence in The Hobbit so that it would better conform to his concept of the One Ring and Gollum from LOTR (published 20 years later). I'm no Tolkien, lord no, but I know a good idea when I hear it.

I always knew how the flashback would go; I just expected to use it for a later story. That, I learned, was the wrong choice. Sure it only took me a short time to write (I think the story was down for only about 45 minutes while I fixed things), but I'm reasonably pleased with how it turned out. Plus, it was fun to write "Evil Sunset". I'd never truly dealt with that part of her before.

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