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Feeling Depressed · 6:01am May 18th, 2017

Hey guys,

So I've been hit by a strong feeling of depression today. I mean, it started out pretty good. But once I went to work, it just seemed like I probably would've been better off just calling in. Not even 10 minutes into the shift, my supervisor snaps at me for trying to do something I've done many times before. I honestly wanted to snap back at him, but I didn't because it would've just made things worse. So I walked away before anything else was said. From that moment, I knew that this was going to be a bad day.

For those who don't know, I work on an unloading crew for a small Walmart. I'm normally one of the people who are sorting the boxes and putting them on different pallets for different departments. But today, the guy who usually is the one in the trailer putting the boxes on the rollers called in sick. So that meant I had to take his place. I was sweating from the moment I got in there due to the humidity and lack of a fan.

So far, things were looking alright until I uncovered a pallet of dog food. Which meant we had to take the rollers out of the trailer to get it out of the way. At this point, I was getting drenched in sweat. So I used that moment of time when the others were moving the pallet to go out and buy a different t-shirt to wear so my work shirt wasn't soaked in sweat. The total time I was gone was probably not even a minute. But by the time I got back, my supervisor was in the trailer, doing my job.

I honestly felt pretty worthless at that point. Like I could be replaced at just the snap of a finger. It just felt like no matter what I did, it just wasn't good enough for my supervisor. And then later on in the night, I got told by a coworker that the supervisor was complaining about me being too slow while I was in the trailer. Yet he didn't say anything to me directly. It didn't really help that I had worked the previous two days before today, so my body was aching and tired. But that doesn't mean I can't still do my job, which I did the best I could.

I don't normally post blogs like this. But I needed somewhere to vent and I've had more support here than anywhere else. I'm sorry if some of you don't like reading blogs like this, but I just feel like shit right now because of all that happened today.

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U know it's probably not wise of me to say this but next time if your jackass of a boss talks to u like that u should do something about it. Working with a prick like that is not worth working with.

If you're feeling depressed, I strongly suggest you seek medical help. Simple hugs and reassurances from friends doesn't make it go away.

**hug** been there too many times to count. I'm sorry. I hate working with supervisors who are sitting on a stick. Is there anything I can do to help?.

Obviously, that bastard of a supervisor needs to cool his jets and start treating you with respect. After all, like Eddie said: You're never too grown up to get an ass whoopin.

I can understand what's going on. I used to be in your position. The only way I can find satisfaction is by subtly pissing them off for my enjoyment. Of course, I have to be careful of how far I push because I live in an 'at will' state.:fluttershyouch:

Anyway, if it's really edging you that your supervisor is really being a pain in your back, I'd say call HR, yo. Nobody should have to tolerate that kind of behavior, boss or not. And I'm betting since that Walmart is small, there's not a lot of workers, right? You can always leave and he'll be one short of a worker, an important one at that. Remember your advantages, yo.:twilightsmile:

A chain is as strong as the weakest link.:coolphoto:

I know what it's like to be depressed. Albeit, mine was love caused... :twilightblush:
Its sucks nonetheless.
It never hurts to vent like this, building it up leads to... stupid results...
*Cough* Putting a gun to ones head. *cough cough*
If its a one time feeling, I wish you the best, if you think it may become long term? May want to talk to someone. Good luck brother!

trust me bud i know what its like, i'm helping my neighbors right now, their house burnt down 2 days ago and they lost everything including one of the family dogs " RIP max :fluttercry:". if u need someone to talk to i'm here for u like a brother, i help everyone i can. media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/d0/3f/38/d03f3869b736e628043fd8250bf084f0.jpg

Hey I know that feeling too. I get that in my work too

We all had days where our thoughts can mount up on us and days of work can do harmful things to our bodies, not just physical. I know I had those days and I can say that I just felt like I had no energy to do anything let alone work, while the physical burden may go away we all need a way to vent our emotional baggage so I don't mind these types of blogs.
Also I gotta say any co-worker types that 'complain' behind the back are honestly gutless cowards that deserve a kick to the nuts/taco, if they're gonna complain at least don't be a little wimp and go behind the back.

I've been exactly where you. I work at a fast food place. Last week I was sick and had to take the week off. Come in for my first day back, found out that overt the week, since we aren't supposed to use the lockers when off-hours (use them for your shift, take your lock home with you), they had cut off the locks and anything not claimed was in boxes. I didn't have time to find my work shoes or my hat before I had to go up and punch in (was able to come down later during my break and found them). From there I was told to take orders on the till right next to the fry station (I should mention at this point it was some 15-20 degrees outside and ofc the fry station is kinda hot). And then cue the barrage of customers who are stupid, annoying, and/or rude.

All I can say is, tomorrow is another day. It definitely sucks but when you get through it and get home to relax, it'll all be gone by the time tomorrow comes.

I can feel that and small world. I work for Walmart as well and it's okay to get angry.

Damn man. Hope everything works out. :)

Dude, I do this all the time, the venting thing, I mean. It's not ideal, but I like coming on here and seeing how many people have my back.

Don't feel ashamed. It's good to vent rather than keep it all contained and simmering inside you.

I've got your back. I go through depression all the time for the same reasons, and I hope you get better. Don't feel ashamed.

I know how you feel dude. There have been plenty of times I've filled dairy products and when I'm doing eggs and trying to be careful so I don't break any of them, I'm at times pushed aside by the manager who closes and forced to let them do it. Like you, I do my best but they're never satisfied with that.

I understand the kind of vent your going through. Trust me I've been there and as far as I remembered, it wasn't good.

IMO, I think you should write this down as a story. Doesn't matter if you finish it or not. That way, you can make changes like being able to get back before the supervisor does the work, etc...

It's what I did, once. Helped a lot. Try it out. You don't even need to post it. :twilightsmile:

Other things you can do is to take a baseball bat to a punching bag, thinking it's your supervisor. :rainbowwild:

Or a crap-tonne of video games. Whichever tickles your fancy.

Also, don't forget that we're a community. I repeat: COM-MU-NI-TY. We're just one big pony-loving family, and family always help family. :pinkiehappy: And you're definitely FAMILY!

I just think 90% of managers are dicks and you should just ignore them anyways.

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