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Sleepy Panda

Some people are morning birds, other people are night owls. I'm a never sort of person.

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Might disappear for a few days · 3:16pm Mar 21st, 2017

I'm locked in the school psych place again, which is completely pointless because there's already a good 80% chance I'm going to be committed to a psych hospital tonight. I have my phone now but only for a few more secs while people are making phone calls.

Eh. :ajbemused: You'd think I was walking around holding a gun to my head with the way everyone is acting but I don't really have any plans to do anything like that.

Maybe they'll let me go. Can try escaping in an hour or so if they let me eat food (I've missed breakfast and lunch because of this). But that'll probably ensure I get marked as mentally unstable so I dunno.

I just want to go outside and go for a walk. That's all I want out of life right now. But nope... :ajsleepy:

Report Sleepy Panda · 176 views · #Stupid
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Comments ( 18 )

O_O Hope you're OK

Stay strong Panda well be here for you when you get back.:pinkiehappy:

Hey good luck where all here when you get back tell us about it later.

I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself. We're here for you. :fluttershysad:

Hope you pull through alright :fluttercry:

Your not mentally unstable, it's probably meaning there's some misunderstanding...

I am fairly unstable.

4468025 Do mood swings, over silliness count as unstable or....

I don't understand. You are pretty stable to me.

I've tried to kill myself and other people.

4468037 Other people, on the yourself thing... I can relate.... but... I'm sure you are fine, it could be, like me, you need to take medication for anger issues, well I don't take them anymore...

Do you have like, Personality swings?

I'm diagnosed with depersonalization disorder and Dissociative Identity disorder.

4468059 Well, your still the same person, and best friend to me

And I swear,
I still can't imagine you harming anyone.

You'd think I was walking around holding a gun to my head with the way everyone is acting 

[0:06 - 0:32]

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