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Threadbare · 10:43pm Mar 10th, 2017

Welcoming this friendly-looking fellow to the team.


Report Purple Patch · 261 views · Story: Lost Reflections · #villains #scary
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Scary. Reminds of that one main character of the TV show One piece

4450919 Because of the hat?

4450933 Yeah, I was trying to get a sort of 'Scarecrow' theme to him.

4450936 Indeed.

This is the... "handsome"... fellow who was chasing Rarity in the latest chapter, isn't it?

4450975 Yes, that's what I thought at first

Yeah that's him. He's the Cult of Piggsicorn's assassin.
One of the reasons why he's so messed up in just about every way.

4451069 Well, it's a wonder they can still control him.

4451070 He's surprisingly cooperative when promised a chance to kill.

4451096 good for his contrators. If not then...

4450976 *nods*

4451069 Thought so.
Although I hadn't thought about THAT part of it.

But then again, that whole Sun Phoenix-cursed CULT is majorly messed up!

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