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Chapter 10, For Honor, and For Honor · 9:07pm Feb 23rd, 2017

Hey guys! So I've finally finished Chapter 10 on Empty Horizons. I've got the draft out, editors have reviewed and approved it, and it's sitting at a toasty 9,112 words by FimFic's count. Which is kind of weird because Gdocs had it at 8,886. But hey, we'll see, right? I've already picked out the Author's Note Song and all I have to do is hit a button at 6 PM EST tomorrow and it'll be up and available for reading! In the words of my editor Mint:

In other news, I've been playing an absolute fuckton of For Honor lately. If you haven't heard of it it's a 3D fighter/action-game hybrid type thing with a small smattering of MOBA sprinkled on top. I've been playing practically nonstop and I admit it's part of why this chapter has come so late. Check out my nearly Rep 4 Valkyrie!

It's got some problems with matchmaking and connectivity but, really, the combat is just to die for. Heh.

I'll see you guys tomorrow. I've already got 1200 words written for Chapter 11's draft and we're approaching the climax of the first act! Come hang out with me in my Discord server. The SFNW Discord server is also always open for any new and experienced authors alike looking to improve themselves!

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i'd pick samurai. my thing really.. xD

Fimfiction counts " and likely other things as a word.

I'm quite excited that an update is in the pipe.

For Honor sounds like Dark Souls PVP, but except being an excellent non-PVP game where the PVP is also good, it's a PVP first game with a single player campaign stapled on to help newbies.

Not that I'm complaining about that. PVP-focused Dark Souls sounds great and a weak single player campaign for a PVP first game is just a minor mark against.

Fite my lawbringer m8

But for realsies, I need peeps to play this game with.


I'll have you know that I actually really enjoyed the SP campaign and played through it all in one night. The writing isn't going to win any rewards but honestly the dialogue and banter between characters was really solid. There were times where I was laughing out loud and a few moments where I actually felt some sympathy for them as well. And it also served as an excellent introduction to the gameplay mechanics.

And I don't think it's really comparable to Dark Souls. There are so many mechanics that don't even exist in Dark Souls, which as far as I can tell is all about animation timings and hitboxes and a bit of mindgames (plus the rare parry or backstab). There's a lot more going on in For Honor, which at its core has much more in common with a fighter like Mortal Kombat than a hack-n-slash like Dark Souls.

Oh hey, I didn't even realize you put me in one of your libraries! I admit that getting into SA was kind of a goal of mine back in the day but I guess I don't quite qualify anymore eh? Hop into either one of the Discord servers I linked up there. The SFNW one is way more active than the EH server, so you're probably better off choosing that one. I'm sure we could play together sometime! Assuming you don't shove me around with that V E R S A T I L E W E A P O N.

I have been thusly corrected.

But... well I like Dark Souls, and a "Dark Souls but with better dueling" is a pretty attractive concept to me.

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