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EFNW Scribblefest 2017 · 1:25pm Feb 22nd, 2017

Hello again. How are you? I've been a bit ill recently, which has been fun. But enough of boring stuff. I'm writing to talk about the recent EFNW Scribblefest contest that I've been working on.

Now, I really like Scribblefest, and have a bit of a habit of participating, so naturally I'm very keen to go and do it again. The prompt (there's a prompt this time) is growing up, wild and free. Now, I'll be honest, I'm not so hot on that prompt. Regardless, I've given it a proper good shot, and it's in the final stages of editing.

The story in question draws some inspiration from a lot of sources, some of which include previous stories I've published (like Family Resemblance), former episodes, and various outside influences, like anime I've watched and Homestuck, which I recently finished. Once the story in question is published (hopefully in around a week, once the cover-art is finished and it's been looked over by an outsider) I'm keen to write up a sort of 'author's notes' blog detailing the various iterations the story went through and how it evolved.

I'll also be publishing blog posts featuring small reviews of other entries, much like I did last time, although given how busy I am with university work currently, I somewhat doubt I'll be able to match the quantity of last year. I actually find myself very disappointing in my own ability to read other fanfictions these days, as I can never seem to find the time to sit down and read yet more words (I do a lot of reading for uni).

Speaking of uni, that's going really rather great. I've managed (for the first time since my resits in first year) to average a first on my modules in the first term, so hopefully I can duplicate the feat this term. A first would really put me in a proper top position to do whatever I want after uni, particularly with regards to all the things that would proper stoke my ego (which is considerable. My ego could make celestial bodies feel the need to go to the gym).

But back to the Scribblefest entry! The story will revolve around Rainbow's family in Cloudsdale. I understand that very soon, most of my speculation is about to be rendered moot, so now is realistically the only time available for me to give Rainbow Dash a ninja-chef-psycho cousin. Unless the show also decides to give Rainbow Dash a ninja-chef-psycho cousin. In which case, you heard it from me first. The coverart will be provided by the same bloke who provided the Weatherpony cover-art. When it comes out, I'll be displaying the art with a link to the artist Xadrow's profile on Deviantart. He's a proper talented artist and I'm sure he has great fun translating my vague and disparate requirements for MLP art into something tangentially resembling coherency. Probably. Maybe?

Undoubtedly not. But he's a good sport anyway.

That's all from me. Cheerio, and I hope to see you soon.

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