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Corax · 3:35pm Feb 7th, 2017

This is Corax.

He's going to roast you on a spit while singing Greensleeves.
And his ghouls are going to knaw your bones.
Then he's going to use the Headstone Horn to capture your soul and turn you into one of them.
Have fun sleeping tonight. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Comments ( 21 )

The ruler of the underworld

4412862 Not quite so much but definitely a formidable foe.
Though, I suppose he'd like to think so.

4412863 i understand, the way you discribed him and how he looks makes me think of that

those Ghouls look... not quite right....

4412882 In the sense of your headcanon or just in general?

4412890 in the "holy crap that's creepy" sense

good job!

4412899 Ah thanks.
In my take on it, Ghouls are like Windigos. Spirits of hatred given flesh but the hatred they channel is in death rather than in life.
So if a pony dies feeling overwhelming hatred, resentment and the wish for vengeance or violence, that hatred lingers where they lay.
Say for instance...on a battlefield. :twilightoops:
This makes Corax and his new favourite toy, the Headstone Horn that summons and commands the ghouls, a fine addition to the mercenary army.

Um...creepy?? :flutterrage::fluttercry::applejackconfused::raritydespair:

4414174 That's the idea. :pinkiecrazy:
Did you read Prelude: A Call To Arms where he's introduced?

Roast me? Not if I give him one of my biggest roasts yet.

Hey, Corax! That cloak you’re wearing makes you look gay.


Corax rolls his eyes and retorts.
"'His jest shall savour but a shallow wit, when thousands more weep than did laugh it'...Henry V, Act 1, Scene 2."

Well, joke’s on you because I know it was not a good roast but you know what that was the joke, I like to make jokes like that. What do you have to say about that Corax?

"Yes. A word of advice. Mocking a known serial-killer, psychopath, cannibal and necromancer is generally not good for one's health."
*Draws sword*

Well I have some advice for you too. Never threaten a skilled Special Operations soldier who by the way is wearing a highly advanced power armour exoskeleton suit that makes its wearer stronger and faster than they normally are. You’ll end up less dead that way.

There’s also a phrase amongst us humans. Want to know what it is?

"What, pray. Think carefully."
Summons the ghoul swarm.

Never bring a sword to a fight where your opponant has a gun and is wearing power armour.

*Draws automatic shotgun*

Especially if that gun is an automatic shotgun loaded with High-Explosive Incendiary buckshot shells.

And has a massive amount of backup that’s more than capable of taking you and your ghoul army on. Not just from soldiers, military vehicles, military grade weapons and equipment from the United Earth Marine Corps but from other dimensions. Speaking of which they should be arriving now.


Marines! Oorah!

Marines: Oorah!

Say hello to the South African branch of the Corps. On our world we are considered one of the best armies there is.

These beings from other dimensions are our allies. There’s nothing you can do to stop us now!

Corax for your crimes you are to be executed on sight.

Everybody charge!

And play music while you’re at it!


Corax smirks.
"No human has ever slain, nay swayed the Black and White and Bloody Bard. And no human ever shall"
Darts back into the shadows, the ghoul swarm covering his escape into the catacombs.
As he vanishes from sight, his voice remains, echoing through the caves.
"Sleep lightly, taskmaster..."

You think you won haven’t you? Well I have one more ally. He is known for taming on the armies of Hell single handedly on his own and for being feared by the demons from Hell because of his unquenchable hatred for them and the absolute merciless ways he murders them. There are rumours that even Satan himself fears him. His will is unbreakable and incorruptible. This being is known as...

The Doom Marine.


I’m 100%, no, positive infinity percent certain he will take you on and win.

Doom Marine you have your order take him on.

Oh my dear fellow, you misunderstand.
Corax isn't going to take you in open field. That's not his way.
For he does not battle.
He hunts.
He will be there, though you will not know it.
He is the master hunter.
However he can, he will watch your every move until he understands you better you understand yourself.
He will get deep into your mind. He will dig his hooves deep into it.
Guns and armour will be useless for the knife will always be at your back. It was there from the very start.
But he will keep you alive, steadily creeping forward, like a spider in its web, until there is nothing between him and his prey.
And when your guard is down.
When you least expect it.
All it'll take is a moment...
A bare, brief moment...
And before you know it...
The hunt will end.
Hell for one. Heaven for the other.
Two sides of a coin.
Flip one tonight.
He'll be watching.

Okay, I think I overcompensated there with this whole fight against Corax and the army I summoned. Maybe next time it will just be me, Corax and his ghouls but at this point I think it’s already too late for that.

On the real though, thank you Purple Patch for playing along with me, it was a lot of fun. Maybe we can do something like this again next time if my mind can come up with something when I look at other blog posts of yours like this.

You're welcome. Thanks for being a good sport.
Kind of based his speech there off this. (6:25)

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