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Why is she hot in everything she wears?O/////O · 6:20am Jan 30th, 2017

Report Pen Dragon · 542 views · Story: A New Destiny · #WHY?
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One reason. Because the artist is Scropdk, and they know how to make any of the characters look sexy in anything they wear.

*stops nosebleed*

With the power of sunnnyyyy ddddd anything is possible!!! ( Except looking bad in any outfit) The power of being an alicorn !!!

4402391 That she is fluffy XD:twilightblush:

4402263 You okay there buddy? ;)

4402392 :rainbowlaugh: you know me
I almost always have a Celestia profile pic
I love her so mucchhh

Is that a superman/super girl top in the second pic? Kinda looks like it lol.

It's princess celestia: she's hot 24/7!

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