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Na na na na na na na na na na na na na — bat-ponyyyyyyyyyy! · 3:28am Jan 22nd, 2017

While idly chatting about the recent character tag update, it has come to my attention that there may be a deficit of batpony stories.

Unhinged has been more fun than I expected, and while I'm totally not done with it, I've got to set it aside for a bit. ColTill noted that there weren't enough non-clop batpony stories (or at least there weren't about two days after the tag update), and I, having written stories before, figured that this was something that I could, you know, do something about. And so I thought up a cheap little idea for a small batpony story that was supposed to be cute for the sake of cute (and written as well as you can expect any of my stories to be).

And then I crossed some sort of line. I became rather more invested in it than I had expected. In much the same way that Unhinged encouraged growth, I've been working on a small handful of OCs more seriously than the hardly-even-named ones in Mega-Pony Trophytershy's Owl. The premise may be still generalized to be 'OC goes to Ponyville', but I've actually got reasons and plans for that now.

In that light, I may still put some effort towards Unhinged occasionally anyway. I've already picked up some Early Modern English (Ye Olde Pubbe ≠ þe Olde Pubbe) there's not too much left to the next story but to write it.

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Huh. So that's what a thorn looks like!

I know there are quite a few bat pony stories on the site, but I guess some people have been lax in their tag updating. Or they don't frequent the place anymore.

Still, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you create.


Still, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you create.

It might help if you opened Discord every once in awhile. :moustache:

What, and spoil the surprise? :raritywink:

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