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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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Nightmare's End · 11:47pm Dec 27th, 2016

The final TLaTU trial chapter will be released tomorrow. And I'll even give you a preview...

There was a sudden but quickly silenced shriek as the thestral named Weiss Wolke tore another demon's throat out with her fangs. It was, she reflected, a study in just how different being part of the Dream Guard could be when there wasn't an army of them to deal with… as well as allowing her to indulge the predatory impulses she really couldn’t in the waking world.

The albino bat pony found herself even more at home in the dreamscape than most of her kindred, as her sensitivity to bright light was compounded by both her lineage and her albinism, making even moonlight painful to her. Forced to keep in deep darkness and seeing as there was little else for somepony like her, she'd applied to the Dream Guard upon Princess Luna’s return and had been accepted readily by her regent, passing her brutal mental training regimen with flying colors and quickly rising in rank through the Dream Guard for it. Finally possessing purpose, she spent most of her days now inside the dreamscape, only leaving to tend to her body's needs. She, in fact, had been the one to alert the other Guards of the demon army; she reflected that, were it not for her habit of staying within the land of dreams and becoming so intimate with it, the demons could have caused far more damage than they did.

After that Harmony spell had rocked the dreamscape and scattered the demons to the four winds, Weiss, along with a few other members of the Guard, had been tasked with hunting down any demons that tried testing their luck further. She had just found and defeated a demon that had been terrorizing a poor piebald colt's dream. Using some of the dream magic she'd been taught, she gave the Trottingham foal a much more pleasant dream to work with, before she moved on.

That has to be most of them, she thought, winging her way through more and more dreams in search of any stragglers. Let's see… have I gone through here yet? Stupid shifting dreamscape making directions unreliable…

The sound of a filly's cry of terror got her attention, and she homed in on the source. As she approached, however, she had to revise her thought; it wasn't a filly, but a human girl. She was clad in a bright pink robe, with her light brown hair done up in a strange pretzel-shape on top of her head. The demon marauding her had taken the form of an older human girl, with long flowing black hair and purple robes. Weiss was certain, however, that the horns and red eyes weren't part of the girl's usual looks.

"P-please, Mystic Maya! W-what did I do?!" the young girl sobbed, as she backed away from the demon in disguise.

"You broke Mystic Ami's jar, Pearly," 'Mystic Maya' said in response, baring her sharp teeth. "You let the soul of our founder escape, all because you wanted to play with a ball indoors. You should know better, Pearly, and now you must be punished!" A clawed hand was raised.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!" 'Pearly' cried, falling backward onto her rear as the claw came down, closing her eyes tight.

Weiss took advantage of this. The girl didn't deserve to see her friend beheaded, even if it wasn't truly her friend. She swooped in, wingblades appearing on her, and cut through the demon's neck in one stroke. The demon vanished into the ether before the head hit the ground.

'Pearly' cracked her eyes open when the blow failed to land, then opened them wider on seeing her rescuer. "P-pony…?"

Weiss flinched. She knew that, when it came to human dreamers, they were supposed to leave before being discovered. If the dreamer found them, they were to alter their appearance to human horses and act like them as well. Acting never was my strong suit, though, she thought mildly, wondering how she was going to get out of this one now that she’d already been seen in uniform.

Before she could think on it more, the girl zipped up and latched onto her leg, sniffling. "Thank you for saving me, Miss Equestrian Pony!"

Weiss blinked. "You are welcome. But… how do you know of Equestria, little one?"

The girl smiled. "I've been there before! Mystic Twilight accidentally brought me there, along with Mister Edgeyworth, Mystic Maya, and Mister Nick!"

The thestral latched onto one particular name. "Mystic Twilight? As in Twilight Sparkle?"

She nodded eagerly. "Uh-huh! She's so nice and so are all her friends! Do you know her, Miss Pony?" she brought her hands together and bowed.

Weiss couldn't help but smile at the girl's enthusiasm and eagerness, already finding her endearing as she bowed her head back. "My name is Weiss, little one. And I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I only know her by reputation."

The girl paused, then bowed again. "I'm Pearl Fey. So, you don't know if she's doing alright?"

Weiss bit her lip. She knew, of course, that Twilight was in danger; all of the Guard had received the message from their Captain about the 'trial'. She also remembered that some other members of the Guard were fetching friends for her… and it would seem this young human girl was another. "I'm afraid Mystic Twilight is in trouble, Miss Fey. Would you like to help her?"

Pearl's eyes widened briefly, before she nodded vigorously. "I'll do whatever I can to help her!"

Weiss smiled knelt down. "Then climb aboard, Miss Fey, and I'll take you to her..."

Leo and I have tried to make the ending suitably epic. This is not the end of the story, but the end of the trial. Nothing else to say, but get hype and get ready for the 8,000 word trial climax, and the deliverance of long-awaited justice! :pinkiegasp:

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It gets my stamp of approval. The ending was unexpected, but I'm sure everyone will enjoy it!

Weiss... Oh you sly bastard you! I see what you did there!

Oh god...please don't expose poor innocent little Pearly to horrible things...:fluttershysad:

did not read the spoiler,but certainly looking forward to the climax:trollestia:

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