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Deities of AssassinationVerse: Fausticorn, Goddess of Ponies · 1:44am Dec 23rd, 2016

Hey everyone. Kinda working on some fic stuff, not at huge pace but its better then nothing. So as a special gift this time of the month I've decided to give you guys an update on something I posted awhile ago and have mentioned in times during the chapters of Aftermath of a Fallen Star: The Gods of AssassinationVerse.

Now, to be fair, I should have introduced these maybe at an earlier time, but I wanted to focus more on other aspects of the world as well the emotions characters go through in the chapters. The gods I've created are all based on some myth tale from our world as well as religions in our world too, with my own blend of uniqueness. After sharing some of these with Chaotic Note, I figured maybe it was time to give you guys an update on these gods that shall play a big role in the third fic. It is called Ragnarock after all. Now not everything is fleshed out, but here is enough information to peak your interests. Feel free to voice your thoughts and give suggestions even.

Now one thing to keep note is that there are two different kinds of gods. The Creator Gods and the Race Gods. The Creator Gods are the ones who created all of life and such, they are the more powerful gods who control things such as time, fate, life, and death. The Race Gods were created by the Creator Gods to crate a race in their own image and guide them.

Because of the length, these gods and goddess will be done one by one over time. So obviously we should start with the pony goddess first. To check out the other gods names, click here.

1. Fausticorn, Goddess of Ponies

Bio: One of the first to be created by the Creator Gods, Fausticorn was favorite greatly for her beauty, wisdom, and creativity which earned her the love of some of her fellow Race Gods, but also the jealousy of others. Fausticorn was able to, in a unique way, create three version of her race each with a unique quality that stood with her: Earth Ponies for her diligence and heartiness, Pegasi Ponies for her courage and quick wit, and Unicorn Ponies for her wisdom and leadership. Some of the others argued that this was unfair, but the Creator Gods instead praised for her unique way of thinking. As such, most of the other gods would often encourage their race to attack hers in retaliation, only to mostly end up failing.

While at first her creations got along well, divisions over their looks, abilities, and for who was her favorite soon soured the relationship of the three pony races, resulting in war, famine, and destruction. Disgusted and sorrowed by her creations actions, Fausticorn left them to their suffering in shame as Wendigos, Spirits of Hatred, were attracted to the friction between the three races and caused an endless winter to feed. After many years suffering in this winter, the ponies used the magic of friendship to free them from the spirits. Seeing her ponies come once again together, Fausticorn decided to give her ponies another chance, only this time she would guide them with a book. Appearing before Private Pansy, who had been innocent and forever faithful in prayer, she choose her to be the one to guide ponies with faith. Her lessons would soon give way to The Lexicanum of Harmony, the holy book of the Equestrian Church to spread the message of Faust to her people so that they would never fall again.

Faust's next blessing came during a time of war, when Centarus, God of Centaurs, ordered his creations to destroy Fausticorn's ponies. Facing near annihilation, the ponies prayed for a savior and, Fausticorn, pleasing with the Creator Gods, asked to be granted one. Angry at Centarus's endless destruction and cruel jealousy against the other Gods, they summoned a being from another universe, one not created by them, to Fausticorn who would aid them. She was named Megan. To this day, her exact world and species name is lost to history, but she was granted a holy sword, armor, and rainbow powers that helped her lead the ponies into defeating the Centaurs before returning to her world. For her deeds, she is known as Saint Megan, a rare title given to those who show great deeds in the name of Harmony.

It was also at this time that one of Megan's Companions, Twinkle, had been chosen by Faust to become an Alicorn and ruler of her people as Queen Twinkle whose royal bloodline would continue to the current rulers: Celestia and Luna, although not every ruler was an Alicorn. Alicorn's are made with the blessing of Faust should they do a great deed, be born of Alicorn blood, or achieve a higher level in magic that no average pony can do. It was around this time, that ponies were given the responsibility of controlling the sun and the moon which was originally the duty of the Kitsune Goddess, Amanari, who displeased the Creator Gods by having a half mortal child. To add insult to injury, the Lexicanum was recreated to make it so that ponies had always been the ones controlling the sun and moon which only further teared away the relationship between Fausticorn and Amanari.

Then came the Age of Discord, a being not even the Gods were sure came from, appeared and caused great anarchy, even to the point of scattering Septem Cain, the Seven Headed Dragon God and tearing down the Great Dragon Empire. Seeing that the world needed their help, the Creator Gods sent a weapon to stop the Mad God of Chaos: The Elements of Order. Cern, Goddess of Deer, sent one of her Deer Sages to the current alicorn rulers, Celestia and Luna, to help them find the Elements in a vision the goddess had of who had the best chance of beating Discord. With the help of their guide, and Fausticorn herself, they succeeded and the Elements of Order were renamed the Elements of Harmony. As a reward, the gods allowed Celestia and Luna to keep them.

Standing With Other Gods: Although once favored by all of the Creator Gods, many of them now are jealous of Fausticorn who has taken upon herself to be the 'leader' of the gods following Septem Cain's unfortunate fate of being divided. That being said, she is said to be over prideful and hates it when her ponies do not follow her teachings or take her gifts for granted or cause chaos. That being said, she still is the favorite of the Creator Gods, while also on good relations with Grandus, The God of Griffins, despite their past.

Looks: She looks just like Fausticorn does in the fandom.

Religious Structure: Her order's structure, church design, and symbolism is similar to that of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Afterlife: If a pony follows the teachings of Harmony, they enter a holy heavenly kingdom known as Elysium to be happy for eternity. Those who fail are reincarnated into a different sentient creature based on their sins. For the prideful and lustful, they are reborn as donkeys. For the lazy and gluttonous, they become cows. For the greed and wrathful, they become goats. After their deaths in this state, they are reborn as a pony again.

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Comments ( 14 )

So can Amadeus get reborn as a blind and lame donkey then? Or will he be a goat?

I'll let readers decide, also he's not dead yet

4351593 I think it would be the ultimate irony if he was reborn as a jackass, as he certain seems to fit the profile of one.

Those who fail are reincarnated into a different sentient creature based on their sins. For the prideful and lustful, they are reborn as donkeys. For the lazy and gluttonous, they become cows. For the greed and wrathful, they become goats. After their deaths in this state, they are reborn as a pony again.

That seems like something that would lead to a lot of racism(specism?).

If a pony follows the teachings of Harmony, they enter a holy heavenly kingdom known as Elysium to be happy for eternity. Those who fail are reincarnated into a different sentient creature based on their sins.

Dang. I was hoping we'd get a Dante's Inferno-esque tartarus for the sinful. Then again, it makes sense if you think about it. From the sounds of things there's no limit to the amount of chances you get to redeem yourself, and Faust sounds like a forgiving Goddess.

Also, are the religions supposed to be monotheistic? Like, there's no pony god of war, or, no minotaur god of wealth?

4360753 the closest one is septum Cain, the seven headed god but that's seven dragon heads with one body

4360768 Ah. I was kinda hoping each race would have it's own pantheon, but it's your story.

About that afterlife bit, do those three races (the donkeys, cows, and goats) have their own race god? Or is it implied that they are also creations of Fausticorn, albeit lesser than her ponies?

Creations of Faust, just lesser

I guess this means Blueblood isn't rotting in Tartarus like everyone hopes.

BTW do ponies in general know how the afterlife for the wicked ponies works or do only the religious believe in such things?

So goats are of Faust is Grogar in this verse and is he as strong as a god?

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