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Looking Back At: AssassinationVerse (Warning, Spoilers for those who have not read the series) · 12:30am Jun 13th, 2019


Deities of AssassinationVerse: Septum Cain, God of Dragons · 12:10pm Feb 11th, 2017

3. Septum Cain, God of Dragons

Perhaps no god is more was more loved and respected then Septum Cain, the first of the Race Gods to be created by the Creator Gods. Septum Cain was unique because he was seven headed with each head named, and processed, a virtue that he used to help created what many consider the greatest Empire the world had ever seen. The virtues were, Wisdom, Justice, Compassion, Honor, Loyalty, Valor, and Faith.

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Two AU Stories in the Assassinationverse · 10:09pm Nov 18th, 2015

Hey guys, with the final reveal of the last major twist with Aftermath, I can finally talk about two Alternate Universe fics that take place in the Assassinationverse.

The first is called Assassinverse: Vengeance of the Star by DarknessRising.

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Deities of AssassinationVerse: Grandus, God of Griffins · 11:41am Dec 30th, 2016

Hey guys. Another Deity update. Since I'm making the NegotiationsVerse's final story a multi-chapter, I'm going to now focus on finishing Aftermath since the first chapter is in editing. Hopefully I'll get it done sometime next week.

Meanwhile, please give me your thoughts on the gods and goddess. Wanna make sure they are doing well.

2. Grandus, God of Griffins

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Deities of AssassinationVerse: Mesmoria, Unisex God/Goddess of Changelings (Flutter Ponies) · 2:54pm Apr 14th, 2017

4. Mesmoria, Unisex God/Goddess of Changelings (Flutter Ponies)

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Deities of AssassinationVerse: Fausticorn, Goddess of Ponies · 1:44am Dec 23rd, 2016

Hey everyone. Kinda working on some fic stuff, not at huge pace but its better then nothing. So as a special gift this time of the month I've decided to give you guys an update on something I posted awhile ago and have mentioned in times during the chapters of Aftermath of a Fallen Star: The Gods of AssassinationVerse.

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Aftermath Updated with Luna's POV · 9:16pm Sep 16th, 2016

I turned back towards the throne itself, now silver and white with red drapes instead of the blue ones we had. The final decorated window, right above the throne, showed all three pony races standing tall and holding their hooves in praise of the triquetra symbol I saw in the previous one, praising it as if it was Faust herself. It’s bright light was shining away darkened looking creatures that I soon recognized as the other races of the world such as griffins, changelings, and dragons.

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Questions about Eberus Islands and Unicornia? Ask Away. · 12:08pm Jul 20th, 2018

So with the release of Path of The Dragon and Path of the Tyrant finally out (And yes I am working on the second chapters), I know that people will want to no more about the locations they take place in, the Eberus Islands and Unicornia. I do plan on, of course, showing more of the area and it's lore in the story, but I know that some people like to write

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