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Deities of AssassinationVerse: Fausticorn, Goddess of Ponies · 1:44am Dec 23rd, 2016

Hey everyone. Kinda working on some fic stuff, not at huge pace but its better then nothing. So as a special gift this time of the month I've decided to give you guys an update on something I posted awhile ago and have mentioned in times during the chapters of Aftermath of a Fallen Star: The Gods of AssassinationVerse.

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Five Years Ago... · 3:43pm Oct 10th, 2015

"Once Upon a the Magical World of Equestria..."

Those words still make my stomach flutter. (Sorry, Flutts...:yay:)

I can't belive it's been five years.

During Season Two, my eldest son came into the living room with a flash drive.
"You should see this, it's made by the same person that did The Powerpuff Girls..."

I knew what My Little Pony was. I bought them for my eldest girl back in the '80's.

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Three Conversations at BronyCon, pt.1: Part Bird, Part Stone, All Alicorn · 11:37am Sep 17th, 2019

Before I dig in here, I want to apologize for being late with my BronyCon recap. BronyCon was a juggernaut that slammed into some Real Lifeā„¢ stuff that responded poorly to disruption. I do not regret going, but it caused some fires that needed fighting. Fortunately those are a bit better contained now, allowing me to reflect on it with a clearer mind.

One other warning: there be pics here. Not a ton, but don't taser me if your data plan notices.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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