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Survey for You! Editors wanted? · 5:12am Nov 29th, 2016

Take a short survey on google drive

Let me know what you want to see me write the most. It's a pretty shitty survey but it's only 8 questions, and the highlights are the following:

I want to start a new story, here are some possible prompts, choose one

Starlight Glimmer has the perfect plan for revenge, and one by one begins turning the mane six into featureless mare sex toys. As they start disappearing one by one, will anypony be able to stop her? Or will it be too late to track them down amidst the thousands of duplicate toys by the time they catch Starlight?

Hipocrates is the first griffon who wants to study Hippology. Since no griffon university teaches the study of ponies, he has to move to Ponyville where he studies at a new school based in Twilight’s Castle. Unfortunately for him, cultural misunderstandings abound from the moment he tries to swoop down and eat a rabbit for a snack.

H.I.P.P.I.E. or Human in Purple Pony in Equestria. Twilight Sparkle has been acting more socially awkward than normal lately. When her mentor shows up to demand an explanation, Twilight admits to being a human from another world trapped in her pupil’s body.

Puppet to her Fame 2. While Octavia is on a psychiatric hold at Broadhoof, Vinyl examines ancient texts that Twilight dismisses as cheesy fiction written by H. P. Lovecolt. While Chef clears his conscience, Vinyl searches for a cure, and Octavia gets released only to find out she was far better off behind padded walls.

Dash has a problem, Pound Cake managed to do something no foal should be able to, and swapped bodies with her. While everypony thinks Dash finally crashed one time to many, the real Dash is trapped in the body of a foal and trying to find a way to let her freinds know what happened.

if you steal any of these I'll hunt you down and cuddle you relentlessly

And I want to take a story out of Hiatus (though I may already have chosen), pick one:

Carnage & Murder Crew

Twilight’s Dollhouse 2

A Muffin a Day Keeps the Human Away

Dirus Somnus

My Little Pony: Vore is Magic

Also since I'm writing stuff again, should I use Patreon to take donations (the old links go to my Patreon, but it's not linked to paypal, so you can't donate yet anyway. I may delete the patreon links outta my stuff.)

And I should probably find myself an editor. Yes/no? Know any?

p.s. a totally subtle nudge to go read "Carnage and Murder Crew" because 1.) I want to kill ponies and 2.) If I don't fuck it up, it'll be a fun look into sociopaths, psychopaths, passive-aggressive disorders, and abandonment issues. 3.) It's my baby. Who doesn't want to see the CMC murder ponies for semi-legit reasons?

Comments ( 11 )

Puppet to her Fame 2 seems like an awfully interesting story. Though I've not read many of your more recent stories, I do believe that PohF fell into what I believed you had as classics, with DoH and T's Dollhouse alongside it.

Well, nice survey; I hope the responses help somewhat.

As for editors, I don't know any (but I don't know many people on this site anyway). But...jeez, there's no way to say this without seeming kind of selfish (at least to me), but I can edit. I can at least proofread for spelling and grammar and all that. I don't have any references from other writers because I'm not even close to popular and I've never edited anyone else's story on this site before, but I can't get a whole lot of attention anyway. I'm pretty positive I'm good at spotting and fixing proofreading errors, though, and my writing and editing has been pretty consistently rated as good in school (later years of high school, plus college).

I'm sorry if my self-promotion sounds...well, selfish, because it probably does. It just feels like this is one of the only ways to get my voice out there. I suppose perhaps I just feel like I should do something on this site besides work on some not-so-popular story that'll likely take years for me to finish.

Whatever happens, good luck on your writing, Kaidan!

That griffon story sounds hella interesting. Of only cause I enjoy mixing species up and having to learn the differences first hand.

Yeah I want to base it off Curb Your Enthusiasm, where each 'episode' starts with a benign Griffon-Pony misunderstanding that snowballs out of control. That's the oldest story prompt I have listed there and I've always wanted to write it (before Dash of Humanity I was contemplating Human in Griffon with that premise too.)

You don't have to be famous to tell me I don't know how to spell XD. We can try it out, I think the way I would usually do it (which would be handy to have said in the blog) is I have 2-3 editors. Then I figure out which one is online and isn't busy, and send over the chapter for a quick pre-read. I don't often make big mistakes, so a quick read is enough for me to sleep at night.

Though I did do some stories without an editor, but apparently, telling Equestria Daily you wrote a story without an editor is grounds for instant totally-biased disqualification. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah I could send you the outline to Puppet to her Fame 2 if you want the opportunity to give feedback, in exchange for being spoilered. In fact, when I do write Puppet to her Fame 2, it'll go like this:

1. Show outline to 2-3 die-hard fans
2. Show rough-draft to a couple fans and couple editors for advice on the story (not grammar)
3. Write second draft act 1, 2, 3
4. Spend 2-3 weeks on act 1, then 2-3 on act 2, then 2-3 on act 3
5. Final draft to a few fans and editors
6. Polish and release each one week apart.

Which is sorta how Puppet to her Fame went (only story I ever spent 3 months writing and editing *before* touching fim fiction to publish, and it turns out being one of my best. Who knew time = quality?)

I'd actually like to see both H.I.P.P.I.E and Dash Has a Problem

If you need a new or another editor I would love to help you out

4321839 So I guess this'll work out, then. Thanks! Like I said, though, I'm new at doing anything like that on this site, so if there's anything else I should do or know beforehand, let me know. Hopefully I won't disappoint.

PS. I guess I'm never going to be sending anything to Equestria Daily, then; I edit everything I write on my own...

Just don't brag to them about not using editors :trixieshiftright:

Glad to see you are back writing.

Glad to see you're still alive. :raritystarry:

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