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Can't read it now, but I love you already:heart:

Just took you what, six full months to bring to reality? :trollestia:

Once I'm done with my stuff I will chill down, and read this story exactly the same way I read Puppet. Nostalgia and stuff.

Poor Apple Bloom :applecry: Not to mention that it reminded me of all those mice...

And Sweetie is a cute little sociopath. But I guess there's no other way for her, having Rarity as a sister.

Beautiful little passive agressive is more like it. :unsuresweetie:

It is worth the wait.

3421779 :heart:

I think Babs has a dissocial personality disorder. ICD10 traits of it are:

Callous unconcern for the feelings of others;

“Taffy says you’re bullying her again. She said you’ve taken her lunch money for over a month, and threatened to—” he cleared his throat, “—’fuck her up’ if she snitched.”

Gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules, and obligations;

She flicked her tail to an indecent position, making the principle grimace.

“‘Sup old man?” Babs asked.

Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them;
Well, other CMC are her friends, but maybe this relationship lasts because the rarely see each other. Who knows.

Very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence;
Three fights, arson, murder, jaywalking...

Incapacity to experience guilt or to profit from experience, particularly punishment;
Just as the above.

Marked readiness to blame others or to offer plausible rationalizations for the behavior that has brought the person into conflict with society.

“Hah! You know they bully me. I had to go to Ponyville to cool off, remember? I’m the victim here. She’s just mad because I keep askin’ her to give me back all the money they stole from me.”

you always have a well-thought out excuse how it isn’t your fault

Actually, with parents like these, I'm not surprised.
And Scootaloo... Dunno, some mood disorder?

This is my take and should make their apparent 'flaws' more easy to identify:

Yeah, Babs is one step further than anti-social personality disorder (formerly Sociopath.) She is the psychopath, going further then that behavior to add the trademark lack of empathy / emotion and belief she is superior, stronger than her father and disgusted by her mother.

Apple Bloom will develop more as she shucks responsibility and tries to "cope", socializing less and less.

Scootaloo's identity has always been tied to Dash. #1 fan, teach me to fly, throwing her trash away... her disorder is simpler but just as threatening as her entire identity relies on Dash.

Sweetie has always been at odds with Rarity. Sabotaging breakfast (who is that bad?) Stealing her gems / gold cloak to use for projects (what better way to make her feel guilty, steal gems and make an I love you poster?) shrinking her sweater, cleaning her 'inspiration' room... I see her as incredibly manipulative and passive agressive, able to take out all the frustration on Rarity for being a "poor sister" because Sweetie's parents are always ignoring her, forcing her to basically live with her sister.

Anyway, this is my take and should make their apparent 'flaws' more easy to identify:

“Babs!” the principal shouted.

But google says that's right... O.o I do have a knack for screwing up though.

3422092 Pretty sure it is right.

Great story so far! You'd better update this frequently! If you do, I'll get my TD horror fic out by Halloween.

Nice! Finally I have my own serial killer fic, endorsed by Killer Rarityverse guru BW himself. :scootangel:

3422092 principal and principle are both words, but with different meanings.

3422163 Principal is like the head of the school. Principle is like a moral.

this story is darker than Ethiopians covered in tar. :rainbowlaugh:

And I loved ever word of it! :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: You were the other dude with me watching Kaidan's stream of King's Landing the other night!

Speaking of streams, dudes, and dark Ethiopian tar, I was just about to play a little Path of Exile
:pinkiehappy: http://www.twitch.tv/kaidandelrose

That feel... It's that feely feel... that feels... feely. :applecry:

I LOVE THIS STORY. I love the evil CMC and i love Sweetie the most. She's like my evil devil part. I-I-I just love it.S when comes the part 3.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

And yes psycho killers are made. LOL:twilightblush::pinkiesmile::rainbowlaugh:

What BronyWriter said; Kaidan was correct in using "principal". :facehoof: Principal is the headmaster of a school, principle can be a moral or the source or basis of something.

On Halloween. OOooOOooOOooohhhh.
(pretty sure my editors are free tomorrow to make it so!)

Indeed, it is the 'intro' so I can't really drive home key aspects over several chapters... but one must wonder, if the intro is this depressing, how sad will the story itself be?

Case in point: People who said Puppet to her Fame couldn't get any more "tragic" after my intro hook. :pinkiecrazy:

applejack has no understanding of magic whatsoever.:facehoof: that much has been proven.

magic can magic(and in this case I mean regular magic,not necromancy) can bring back the dead. magic can fix a broken spine. magic can reverse the effects of old age(seriously, we've seen youth spells on the show for crying out loud!)!

applejack is a idiot sometimes. seriously.

reading this chapter makes me worry about my own mental state

This could only end horribly. And by horribly I mean FREAKING AWESOME!

3422372 I actually corrected his statement. He was wrong. Also, I'm aware of the definitions of 'principal' and 'principle'.

Woohoo! A fic that has the premise to rival Puppet! Friendship may be Magic; but this Plotline shall be Tragic.:pinkiecrazy:

CMC killers? Have all my love :heart:
Will Scootaloo kill wearing a rainbow wig? And will Sweetie get her own basement? I can't wait to find out :pinkiecrazy:

ohmygod this is fantastic!!

She was leaning against a tree, talking to a squirrel that was on the ground next to her.

Don't worry AB, talking to a squirell isn't a sign of insanity, unless a squirrel talks back (but even then there's a possibility that you're Fluttershy).

Wrapped around the squirrel’s neck was noose made of a thick rope, and Apple Bloom held the other end of it in her hooves.

Err... Forget what I was saying, AB. You should be worried.

Btw, poor Applejack, soon she'll have two adorable little killers to deal with...

was scratching at the , but was not

Scratching at the what?!

that it had distanced itself from emotion

Babs is an "it"?


I enjoy the quotes at the beginning. Keep up the good work.

Alright, edited Chapter 3 now. Do I now qualify to get an ego boost via the story's description bearing my name? :trollestia:

Apple Bloom is scary, Babs is like my friend, but my friend didn't kill her parents, Scootaloo is sweet and cute as a puppy and Sweetie is just like little me and my older sister. So when does the part 4 come I'm so nervous and excited to see what happens next, so plz hurry whit the writing.

Congrats, Scootaloo, you're officially the sanest member of the CMC in this story...so far.

3431307 I bet next few chapters she'll crack one way or an other...

Wow Babs, you can pull out a act like that without cracking? Props. Good chapter

Also Babs father sounds a lot like mine.. Instead of drinking gambling... Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing..

Are these quotes from 'Dante's Inferno'?

Not for long... But it also hit me, usually Scootaloo is the one with issues.

Those Youth Spells, at least the ones that Twilight used, were literal tricks. They never actually used spells to alter life, other than how I'm assuming alicorns work.

3452747 I meant the ones that trixe cast; and at this point, twilight probably has the magic power to do those spells without the amulet

Babs is... well, that's obvious.
Apple Bloom gets over-attatched to things...?
Scootaloo is scared of being abandoned
and Sweetie is a sociopath.

Okay, let me be honest
I didnt read that much into AB's part.

Now all you need to do is call the cops...
Kill your mother...
Frame your father...
Go to live on an apple farm...
Have sociopathic, overattatched, and blood-lust filled friends...
And you're good!

3453579 checked, uncheck, uncheck, uncheck, checked. Yeah that's about it..

Also, does it annoy anybody else that the cover art shows Scoots being all demonic..
When it's AB that's filled with blood lust?
Well, it annoys me. It annoys the hell out of me.
Pls Keiden, meak ur sturry nut maik mu odc pls
so annoy much ocd, wow

When does the part 4 come? I NEED TO KNOW!!

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