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Sneak peek 2 · 5:32am Nov 16th, 2016

Another sneak peek for fans of By Blood Moonlight who have been waiting for its sequel.

I want to make it clear that this is later into the story than our last peek, but perhaps not much later. The most important thing to remember is this: Anyone who tells you that Ludwig's Holy Blade is not one of the best weapons in Bloodborne is lying.

No editing done to this because there isn't enough information contained in it for any of you to guess at the story. Although you're welcome to try.

Faced with the monster, Dot and Perennial screamed and ran, but Velvet only snarled in rage. She raised her hoof to the hilt of her sword and locked it into its scabbard, and just before the galumphing, slavering behemoth was upon her, she darted forward and rose to her hind legs with a spin and, freeing Luna’s Holy Blade from its grips, struck the beast in the face full-force with the flat of the blade. Its head and entire body jerked to the left with the sound of broken bones and shattered teeth. With inertia on her side, Velvet continued to spin and brought her greatsword down in a mighty overhead chop at the shoulders of the beast that mere hours before had nearly killed her three times and sent her into delirium and remorselessly crushed its spine and smashed its legs.

She stood there for several seconds, staring at the broken and dying beast that lay under her blade, shocked that she had done that kind of damage to it when before it had shrugged off her cleaver and even gunfire. The sound of the deathblow echoed throughout the sunken streets and alleyways. Finally, she lifted the sword from the carcass, returned it to the grips on her back and unlocked the longsword from the scabbard, and then jabbed her greave-covered hoof at it.

“That’ll teach you!”

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