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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook

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UniqueSKD is COMICal...get it? No? Sigh...the joke is UniqueSKD made a comic strip, okay? · 9:05pm Oct 5th, 2016

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4241585 Armor. She has armor on her hind legs. i would have made that clearer but this was a quick experiment to see if people liked the humor i put in to my comic. I might consider doing more if people liked it.

4241618 Like I said, a quick comic strip I made. Besides think of it as very thick armor plating. It's Dark Souls, dude. You need ALL the protection you can get to survive.

4241639 So am I. Just bought the game like two weeks ago and I'm already collecting the lord souls to fuel the lord Vessel. I am really hating the Tomb of the Giants. Also I killed Solaire because he went mad. I am still upset about that. I liked that guy.

It was because I'm playing the game that I did this as my first ever comic strip. If enough people take a liking to it I'll try doing a better looking one.

4241653 I know. Once more, it was just a quick comic thing. Really I'm more concerned somebody will get sexual gratification from that now that you mentioned it, but here's hoping that won't be the case. XD

i'll think of another quick comic I can do. Who knows? If I get lucky someone might even do a comic dubbing of it. Fat chance though - why pick me over more competent creators, am I right? XD

Oh cool, dark souls stuff. Never played beyond part of the first level of the first game.

4242468 Oh it's an amazing game, dude! After the Undead Asylum, the game gets a bit harder, but it's fun and awesome. You'll absolutely hate the Orstein and Smough boss fight, but once you beat it you can teleport between bonfires you've visited and travel around the world much easier.

4242518 I couldn't play well because the PC controls are all over the place and setting up a controller is about as pleasant as sticking a spear up yer bum.

4242916 I killed Nito while you were suckling your Mountain Dew. Drinc Bettah, bra.

Now that is the reaction to Celestial Clop...

Tell me, Mastah... how does one dispatch gigant spiders in a Souls-based game?

4246267 With fire or bug spray, but since I've only gotten into Dark Souls since three weeks ago and am currently playing the first one, I find that a nicely upgraded lightning katana works lovely.

4246284 I do Lords of the Fallen because I don't like japanesse games. I can't explain - they have fishy controls and that sleek hipseter-like approach to graphics. Exept RE4 because you just can't deny how perfect it is.

Lol They're staring at SunButt! XD

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