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Sequel Idea · 11:07pm Aug 25th, 2016

A bit blurry I know
Also don't take this pic at face value, there's no guarantee these characters will survive for a sequel!

'Nuff said.

Though I should probably finish the first Undesirables story first...

Which you can start reading Here! Assuming you haven't already of course.

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4171670 Tried to fit her in but she ended up being so small you could barely tell it was her.


Vertical space. Let Lightning and Rainbow fly, stick Fluttershy where Pinkie is, and put Pinkie and Sonata where Rainbow and Lightning are now. Then have Spike and Ember stand... uh, in front of Fluttershy and the changeling? You'd probably have to push the changeling forward just a bit.

4171687 I literally made this in about 20 minutes with the vectors I could find, if I ever do make a sequel I'll use something more up to date for the cover art, with as many characters as I can fit on, (though sideways facing ponified Sonata vectors are surprising difficult to find). This is just a concept too, after all there's no guarantee that any of those characters will even be alive for a sequel!

Appreciate the advice though, and thanks for the follow.


You could commission a sketch.

4171751 Might look into something like that when the time comes, but that's a long way off.

Hmm a interesting idea.

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