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In a slightly belated birthday gift - my story Pas de Deux is featured on Equestria Daily! · 2:09am Aug 7th, 2016

A story I was prompted into writing by a contest has been featured by Equestria Daily: Pas de Deux. This time I have Estee to thank for making me get off my butt (okay, more like get on my butt!) and do some writing. The result is a story that has received the highest proportion of approvals and bookshelf adds of any I've written! In this story I wanted to give two background ponies who've have mere minutes of screen time a more in-depth, adult (in the psychological sense – not the clop sense!) treatment.

And, yes, this definitely qualifies as shipping, a story category towards which I'm not generally very favorable (okay, that I've said repeatedly that I downright loath!) This was nevertheless an experiment on my part, so I hope those of you so inclined would give me feedback and advice for improvement.

Regards, and I hope all you northern hemisphere types are having a happy summer, and for those who are from below the equator, a happy winter!

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Well, that's a jump in fame I've never managed. Congratulations!

Re: shipping.

Honestly, the number of ideas for stories that are actually bad vs what people think are bad do not have perfect overlap. Romance is hardly a bad genre... but there are a lot of inexperienced offerings in the genre. Mostly because it interests a lot of people.

So there aunt no shame in writing a quality romance. :ajsmug:

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